About Us

Tech Wizard was started by a team of tech enthusiasts who love all things tech and are dedicated to helping people find the right gadgets for them.

Tech is a fast-paced industry with new launches every week, which is hard to keep track of. There are also thousands of reviewers, but we wanted to be the ones that look out for you.

Every product we review or feature goes through a period of extensive testing. Only after that do we come out with a review.

As fellow tech enthusiasts, we understand how overwhelming it gets to make a buying decision among many products, so we are here to make it easier for you.

We are here to help you make the most informed decision by providing you with the best knowledge and unbiased opinions on the tech we’ll review.

Meet the Team

We bring the best of tech to you.

Sadiq Iqbal – Co-founder

Meet Sadiq Iqbal, a tech enthusiast and avid gamer who discovered his passion for technology through his love for gaming.

Over time, this became a fascination with other tech-related gadgets, and he now likes testing and reviewing different products.

His vision for co-founding Tech Wizard was to provide truthful and unbiased information, research, and reviews to other tech enthusiasts like himself.

He stays current with the latest tech, and his knowledge in the field makes him a trusted source.

Through Tech Wizard, he hopes to help people find the right tech for them.

Khalid Walid – Video Editor and Producer

Khalid Walid is Tech Wizard’s resident Video Producer with a deep passion for all things tech. Khalid has been fascinated by cameras and videos since a young age. His enthusiasm for photography and videography led him to explore the world of technology.

He knows his way around the camera and produces the most high-quality and amazing-looking videos.

Khalid has since then turned his hobby into a full-time career. He loves all things photography and filmmaking and has good professional experience in the field.

His expertise in his field and beyond helps us put our best foot forward at Techwizard and produce amazing content.

Samreen Parvez – Writer

Samreen has been into listening to music and clicking pictures from a young age and had no idea that would manifest into a fascination with tech. From fidgeting around with camera settings on her family’s old digital cameras to trying to find the best headphones to blast her favorite music through, you could say that she found her love for gadgets.

If you ask her why she likes tech, you’d get a cheesy answer like the products themselves mean little, but the experiences they help create mean much more.

Her interest in all things tech related, combined with a love for writing and research, led her to craft content at Tech Wizard.

Mohaddis Hayat – SEO Specialist

Mohaddis Hayat is our resident SEO specialist and a core member of our team at TechWizard. He’s been working in the SEO industry for a long time and specializes in helping businesses optimize their content and websites for higher search engine visibility and rankings. He uses a combination of techniques such as keyword research, content optimization, link building, and SEO to help his clients get the best results.

He is also a tech enthusiast and stays up to date with the latest tech releases and trends, which led him to join our team at TechWizard. He also stays updated with his field and closely follows the latest SEO trends and best practices.

Mohaddis’ combined knowledge and enthusiasm in both SEO and Tech help us produce the best content possible and optimize it for more readers to find.

Farhin Fatma – Writer

Farhin completed her bachelor’s degree in commerce. Although she has a commerce degree, she is still in pain for her unrequited love for literature in poetries. While in college, she’d also attended tech and business-related fests and was peculiar about having in-depth knowledge about them.

Driven by her love for reading, passion for music, and fascination for technology, Farhin found the perfect convergence of her interest here at TechWizard. This not only repleted her interest in the field but also gave her the opportunity to inform readers on various topics and fuel their knowledge and interest in tech.

When it comes to crafting content at Tech Wizard, Farhin starts by gathering valuable data and meticulously verifying facts for accuracy. Additionally, she also seeks the help of industry experts as and when the need arises to ensure that her content is well-informed and reliable.

We are Obsessed With Tech, So you Don’t Have to Be!

We get how frustrating and overwhelming it is to figure out what tech product to choose from among the thousands of options available in the market.

Even if you go through countless reviews, there’s no guarantee that they are unbiased.

This is where Tech Wizard comes in! Our team is obsessed with picking apart things and paying attention to the smaller details that everyone else overlooks.

If you want someone to look out for you and give you the best information, then you can count on us.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’ll give you an example. To a regular user, any pair of headphones would sound the same. But it’s different for us; we’ve spent so much time going through hundreds of headphones that we know exactly how a good pair of headphones should sound.

We have a benchmark to compare everything against. So we don’t just do a deep dive on the products themselves but also see how they perform against all the other products in the market in the same category.

We test out all our products in-house before putting out any reviews. We don’t rely on any third parties for our reviews.

Source of Our Info

We source all of our product information from manufacturers’ official websites. We are not responsible for any discrepancies in the data.

We test out the claims put out through the official website to see if the products live up to them.

We also use our own testing methods and research against competitors to give a verdict on how well a product performs.

We are Not Affiliated With Any Companies

As tech enthusiasts, our main aim for starting Tech Wizard was to give honest and unbiased opinions. This will always be a core value for all the content that we put out.

We will not entertain any compensation or gift in-exchange for a favorable review of any product.

We believe that if a product is genuinely good, that will reflect in its performance. Manufacturers and brands should focus on producing better products rather than incentivizing dishonest reviews.

We put our audience above all and will do everything to live up to the trust they’ve shown in us.

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t forget to reach out to us below.

We appreciate all your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting Tech Wizard!

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