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Beats Studio Buds + Launched

Apple has finally introduced Beats Studio Buds+. They are Apple’s latest TWS earbuds with ANC and many upgraded features. They are the successor to Beats Studio Buds, which was introduced in 2021.

However, the brand has worked on making massive improvements to them and claims to have switched up 95% of their internal parts. Let’s get into the details.

Design & Build

The most striking part about these earbuds is their new transparent color option. They also come with an ivory variant and a black option that has gold accents.

The transparent design option can be said to be an inspiration from the Nothing earbuds. But the Beats have chosen a slightly different look for their earbuds. Their design is slightly more translucent.

They’ve also incorporated the design on all the parts of the earbud, including the ear tips, while Nothing has focused on a transparent stem.

Although they look similar to the first-generation studio buds, the brand claims they have switched up 95% of the internal parts.

Some improvements include a better fit, upgraded ANC, transparency mode, microphones, longer battery, and more.


The brands also claim they have 1.6x more active noise cancellation with the combination of 3x microphones, new vents, and powerful processors. You can choose between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode according to preference.

You can switch between modes by long pressing the button on the buds. The active noise canceling mode cancels out all unwanted noise. The transparency mode blends your listening with environmental noises. The microphones capture noise mixed in with your music so you can be aware of your surroundings.

The brand claims they have 2x improved transparency compared to their previous earbuds.



The Beats Studio Buds + come with an IPX4 sweat and water resistance. They come with four different ear tip options with a new extra small option for enhanced comfort. The buds also come with an acoustic seal for a better listening experience.

Beats Studio Buds + offers both Android and Apple features such as one-touch pairing, automatic switching, and an “always on” voice assistant.

The Beats Studio Buds have used a second-generation “Beats Proprietary Platform.” It has features like “Hey Siri” and “Find my” support, along with automatic device switching via iCloud. They also support Spatial Audio content on Apple Music.

Some of its features for Android include Find my device, one-touch pairing, and automating pairing on devices with the same Google account.

The audio switch lets you seamlessly switch between different devices, such as Android phones, Chromebooks, and other compatible devices.

Touch Controls

Beats Studio Buds also give you easy and customizable controls for switching music, listening modes, ANC, taking calls, and even activating voice assistant features.

They come with a new multi-functional button, “b” on both buds that have been designed to reduce accidental touches. They offer the same functionality as other touch controls.


You will be able to enjoy high-quality calls with both Apple and Android compatibility. Beats Studio Buds + include 3x larger voice-targeting microphones for high-quality performance.

The earbuds also have an algorithm designed to capture voices and filter out all background noise.

Sound Quality

Beats Studio Buds have a powerful, balanced sound. The brand claims to deliver a rich, immersive sound for everything from listening to music to taking calls.

The earbuds have a two-layer transducer that delivers clean bass with minimal distortion. The buds also come with added vents that relieve pressure on your ears for more comfort and improve audio precision.

Beats Studio Buds come with Dolby atmos support because of Spatial audio, but they lack head tracking present in Beats fit pro.

Battery Life

As for battery life, The Buds + promises a playback of 36 hours, with 27 hours on the charging case and 9 hours on the earbuds. These are without ANC, so the battery will charge faster with ANC turned on. You’ll get a battery life of 6 hours on the buds and 18 hours with the case.

Previously, the studio buds had a life of 24 hours. So the battery is around a 50% increase from previous buds.

The earbuds support type-c charging. They take approximately 2 hours to fully charge. 

Studio Buds + also come with a fast charging feature which will give you a battery life of 1 hour with just 5 minutes of charging. One thing to note is that it doesn’t come with wireless charging.

Pricing and Availability

The Beats Studio Buds + comes in black/gold, ivory, and the transparent version.

Beats Studio Buds + are priced at $169.99 and are currently launched and available in the US, Canada, and China.