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boAt Airdopes 393 ANC Vs boAt Nirvana Ion

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Today we compare two spectacular earphones under the boAt brand, boAt Airdopes 393 ANC and boAt Nirvana Ion. boAt Airdopes 393 has 3 different sound modes with ANC that cancel up to 32 dB of sound. boAt Nirvana Ion is known for their battery life, which lasts up to 120 hours.

But how well do they perform when compared to each other? And which is the better pair of earbuds?

We tested and compared them in different categories, such as connectivity, build, sound quality, and battery life. We’ll then give you a final verdict based on which performs better.

How to Choose the Best Earbuds for You?

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing headphones. It all depends on what you’re looking for. The earbuds we’ll talk about today are excellent in their own regard. One is great if you are looking for good ANC buds. The other is incredible if you’re looking for long-lasting battery life. Go through this comparison and determine which earbuds have the features you are looking for.

Overview of Both the Earbuds

Here’s an overview of the boAt Airdopes 393 ANC and boAt Nirvana Ion.

1. boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC are the best ANC among all boAt Airdopes. They have powerful Active Noise Cancellation of up to 32 dB.

They come with features such as ENx Technology for better calls and 3 modes of Noise Cancellation. Some additional features include a low latency mode for gaming and fast charging.

2. boAt Nirvana Ion

boAt Nirvana Ion has a powerful 600 mAh battery that can power your earbuds for up to 120 hours. This is the best battery backup seen at this price.

They come with features like Crystal Bionic Sound and a dual equalizer with a bass-heavy mode. It also includes ENx Technology for clearer calls and a beast mode for low-latency gaming.

Specifications Comparison

BrandboAt boAt
Model393 ANCNirvana Ion
PriceRs 2299Rs 1999
Special Features‎Active Noise Cancellation, ENx™ Tech (Clear Voice Calls), Beast™ Mode (Low Latency for Gaming), ASAP™ ChargeCrystal Bionic Sound, Quad Mics ENx™ Technology(Clear Voice Calls), 120 Hours Playback(24hrs/charge), Beast™ Mode(Low Latency for Gaming)
Wireless typeBluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.2
Ear placementIn-earIn-ear
Battery Backup30 hours 120 hours 
Maximum Operating Distance10 meters10 meters
Item Weight45 g50 g 
Manufacturer‎‎Imagine Marketing Ltd‎Imagine Marketing Ltd.
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Noise ControlActive Noise CancellationPassive Noise Isolation

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC Vs boAt Nirvana Ion: 4 Factor Comparison

Here are the factors we tested boAt Airdopes 393 ANC and boAt Nirvana Ion on.

1. Build Quality

Here is a comparison of how the build quality differs across these earbuds.

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

Airdopes 393 ANC have a simple matte finish case with a glossy side panel. There’s boAt branding on the front and you’ll find a reset button on the bottom along with type-c charging.

The earbuds are step-shaped and come with boAt branding on the side of the earbuds. They also come with silicone ear tips for comfort and universal fit. Because of the ear tips, they offer extra noise isolation even without ANC mode on.

You can wear these for long hours, and they come with extra ear tips so you can adjust them according to size.

boAt Nirvana Ion

boAt Nirvana Ion

boAt Nirvana Ion also has a matte finish case with a silver band running across it. The band features boAt branding. You’ll find a type C port and reset button at the bottom of the case.

The earbuds have a thicker stem, but you won’t notice the difference. The stem has a wave texture which provides extra grip.

They also come with extra ear tips for comfort. The earbuds are lightweight despite the big battery, so you can wear them comfortably all day.

Who Wins?

They both have similar builds, so it would be hard to choose one. If we had to give it to one of them, it would be Airdopes 393 as they are more lightweight and smaller, making them more comfortable.

2. Sound Quality

Here is how sound differs between these two earbuds.

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

Sound Quality boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

Airdopes 393 ANC comes with ANC, so let’s discuss that first. They come with 3 modes – ANC, ambient and normal mode. The ANC mode works excellently. It cancels up to 32 dB, so most low-frequency sounds like air conditioners and fans. The Ambient mode lets some background noise get through if you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Additionally, they come with 10mm dynamic drivers with SBC codec support. The sound signature is incredible. The sound is balanced, and the bass isn’t boosted. If you’re someone who likes clear sounds, then you’ll love these.

boAt Nirvana Ion

Sound Quality boAt Nirvana Ion

Nirvana Ion doesn’t come with ANC, but it does feature Dual EQ which lets you switch between two sound modes – balanced and signature mode. As the name suggests, the balanced mode gives you a balanced sound output. You’ll get clear vocals along with balanced bass. This mode is suitable for everyday videos.

The second mode is boAt signature which features a more bass-heavy sound. This mode is ideal for listening to music. However, the bass is boosted and tends to overpower mids and highs. This might not be for everyone and only for those who enjoy bass.

Who Wins?

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC wins this round. Their ANC mode lets you tune out and get the best listening experience. They also have a balanced sound output which most people tend to prefer.

3. Functions and Connectivity

Here is a comparison of all the connectivity features and functions of the earbuds.

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC Functions and Connectivity

Airdopes 393 ANC comes with Bluetooth 5.2, providing a stable connection of up to 10 meters. They also come with Insta Wake n pair so they get connected to your phone as soon as you open the case.

They also come with many touch controls. Although you can’t control volume through them, you’ll have to do that through your phone.

You’ll have to long press the right earbud to switch to ANC and Ambient mode.

Triple-tap the left earbud to activate gaming mode. boAt promises a 65 ms latency of these, and it’s true to claim. We played games on them and got to know exactly what was happening in the game and where. You also get a good separation of left and right.

boAt Nirvana Ion

Functions and Connectivity boAt Nirvana Ion

Nirvana Ion also comes with Bluetooth 5.2 and Wake N’ Pair Technology. Their connectivity is super fast, so they pair instantly.

These earbuds also come with in-ear detection, so the playback will pause when you take out your earbuds.

They come with touch controls that give you access to many functions through the buds. They also let you control volume, which was missing in Airdopes 393 ANC.

You can also activate the Beast mode by long pressing the right earbud. This is a 60ms low latency mode for gaming. We tested this out during gaming and faced no issues.

Who Wins?

Nirvana Ion wins this round for having more touch options, such as controlling sound. They also have a slightly better gaming mode at 60 ms latency.

4. Battery Backup and Charging

Here is a comparison of battery life and which earbuds have better playtime.

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

Battery Backup and Charging boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC comes with a 300 mAh battery. Their battery life is generally 5 – 6 hours on the earbuds and around 28 hours on the case.

We wanted to test the battery life, and they are reasonably close to the claim. They lasted around 4 – 5 hours during an intense gaming session. Activating the ANC will drain the battery faster, so keep that in mind.

They have an added fast charging feature, giving you 45 minutes of playtime with just 5 minutes of charge. Their average time to charge is also good at 2 hours.

boAt Nirvana Ion

Nirvana Ion earbuds are famous for their powerful battery and come with a 600 mAh battery on the case. This lets them offer a powerful battery life of 24 hours on the buds and 120 hours with the case. The catch is the battery only applies if you use them at 60% volume.

The battery life is still pretty good; you won’t have to worry about running out. They still had most of the battery left even after we used them heavily for 2 days. These earbuds will easily last most people a week of moderate use.

The case takes 2.5 hours to fully charge, which is justified for such a large battery.

Who Wins?

Nirvana Ion wins for having the better battery life. They are unbeatable when it comes to battery.

Highlights for the Headphones

Here are the highlights of the boAt Airdopes 393 ANC and boAt Nirvana Ion.

boAt Airdopes 393 ANC

  • ANC – ANC mode lets you tune out and cancel surrounding sounds.
  • Sound Quality – Has a balanced sound with clear vocals.
  • Comfort – Lightweight and come with adjustable ear tips.

boAt Nirvana Ion

  • Sound EQ – Comes with 2 modes you can switch between.
  • Battery Life – battery life to last you up to a week.
  • Gaming mode – low latency gaming mode of 60 ms.

Who Won?

Ultimate winner – boAt Nirvana Ion

This took a lot of deliberation, but ultimately, the winner has to be boAt Nirvana Ion. Battery life is one of the most important features when it comes to Bluetooth devices. This is because they run out of battery, and charging is a hassle.

You’ll not have to worry about battery life with Nirvana Ion as they give an incredible battery output. They also come with Sound EQ that lets you switch between 2 modes and a gaming mode that supports 60 ms of low latency.

Winner’s Pros and Cons in Detail

Here are all the pros and cons of boAt Nirvana Ion.


  • Battery life – Powerful battery that lasts 120 hours.
  • Sound Quality – Comes with Sound Equalizer that offers two sound modes.
  • Gaming mode – 60 ms low latency for lag free gaming.


  • Touch controls – can’t control volume through touch.
  • Connectivity – Doesn’t come with dual device pairing.
  • Support – No app for adjusting sound or touch controls.

Why Did boAt Airdopes 393 ANC Lose?

boAt Airdopes 393 is an incredible pair of earbuds that perform great in several categories. They were powerful contenders and neck to neck in all aspects.

However, they don’t compare against nirvana when it comes to battery; hence they end up losing. Their battery only lasts 4 – 5 hours, so you’ll have to constantly charge them. If the battery isn’t an issue for you, you can still go with these.


How do you turn on ANC on boAt 393?

Long press the right earbud until you hear a voice say the ANC mode has been turned on.

Yes, boAt Airdopes 393 ANC features Active Noise Cancellation technology that cancels Up to 32dB.

ANC in Airdopes stands for Active Noise Cancellation.

No, boAt Nirvana Ion is not waterproof. It comes with an IPX4 rating which means it can sustain light water splashes.

Yes, boAt Nirvana Ion comes with a dedicated gaming mode that offers low latency of 60 ms.


Both Airdopes 393 ANC and Nirvana Ion were strong contenders, and it was hard to decide a winner between the two. They both had 2 wins across categories, so they were running equally. However, we had to bring in a tie-breaker which was battery backup. There was no beating Nirvana Ion when it came to the battery.

However, Airdopes 393 are an excellent pair of earbuds for ANC. They have the best noise-canceling ranges when it comes to noise-canceling. This also enhances the listening experience, so go with them if the battery isn’t an issue for you.

We hope this review provided you with all the info you needed on these two earbuds, and now you can choose for yourself.