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boAt Immortal IM-1000D

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Welcome to the start of my brand new gaming headphone series. What better to start a series than by mentioning a product from a brand featured in all our series so far. We’re talking about boAt Immortal IM-1000d Gaming headphones.

They have exciting features like 7.1 surround sound, powerful 50 mm drivers, and dual-mic support. Some additional features include RGB lights, sound customization options with equalisers, and ENx technology to cancel out external noises during calls.

You can also connect these headphones to any device you want, and they come with long braided cables, so they are high quality and hard to break.

They also have a good look and feel, so they feel premium. But how well do they perform, and why should you choose them among hundreds of other gaming headphones?

I had all of the questions too, so I decided to do a detailed review and will let you know my verdict at the end of this review.

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Model‎Immortal IM1000D
Connectivity Wired 
Compatibility PC, TV, Gaming Console
PriceRs 2699
Driver Size50 mm 
FeaturesDetachable mic, RGB lights
Ear placement Over ear
Item Weight250 g
ManufacturerImagine Marketing Ltd
Connector type USB type A
Cable type2.3 m braided cable


Design Cool design with RGB lights
Comfortsoft padding on ear cups and headband
Mic Quality dual mic for great quality


Volumeon the lower end
Sound – not optimised for music

boAt Immortal IM-1000D

What You Get in the Box

  • User manual – booklet
  • Detachable mic – can connect for gaming
  • Warranty card
  • Brochure for different boAt products
  • Boat sticker

Who is boAt Immortal IM-1000D For?

These headphones are perfect for all avid gamers. If you’re looking for a stylish pair of Gaming headphones that you can connect to all your devices and have good sound and mic quality, you can consider getting these.

Important Factors We Tested boAt Immortal IM-1000D on

Here are all the crucial factors we tested boAt Immortal IM-1000D on.

1. Design


Right out of the box, you’ll see that the boAt Immortal IM-1000D has a premium look and feel. 

They have excellent build quality. boAt has used a good quality plastic on the ear cups and a metal build for the headband. The metal build is great because the headband is less likely to break, and you can easily adjust the clamping force with them.

The ear cups and headband have soft padding, making the headphones really comfortable. I wore them for some lengthy gaming sessions and felt no discomfort. The earcups also have RGB lights which give these headphones the true gamer feel.

boAt has used a braided cable to attach the ear cups to the headband. Their connector wire has a USB type A port and the same braided material. It is long at 2.5 metres, so you can easily connect them to your TV, PC, or gaming console.

You also get a controller in the middle of the wire, which gives you a mute button, a button to turn on/off your mic, and an additional RGB button. There is another controller to customise playback and adjust the volume.

Their size is also apt. Usually, gaming headphones are bulky in size, which makes them uncomfortable to wear or carry around. boAt Immortal IM-1000D are relatively smaller in size.

In my experience, you can also use them for casual use, not just gaming.

2. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The sound quality of boAt Immortal IM-1000D is good. However, I was surprised when I used these headphones for the first time because their volume was on the lower side.

Gaming headphones are usually supposed to be louder, so this was a drawback in my experience.

As for the sound experience with music, the bass is balanced with highs and mids. Treble is usually essential for gaming, and I really like the treble on these headphones.

During gaming, I could hear everything around me, with proper left and right separation, which was nice. I got an enhanced experience during gaming which is the purpose of these headphones in the first place, so that was great.

I also wanted to test the sound in Multimedia like music and movies. They were fine when I watched movies and videos, but the experience with songs was slightly underwhelming. This is understandable since they are not optimised for songs.

The sound is okay, and you can still enjoy music on these. You won’t notice a huge difference if you’re not too particular about sound.

3. Mic Quality

Mic Quality

boAt Immortal IM-1000D has a dual mic setup; you get a detachable and an in-built mic. We will test out both of them to determine their sound quality.

I liked the mic quality on both of them. During intense gaming sessions, you’ll easily be able to hear your friends, and they will be able to hear your voice clearly.

Overall, I enjoyed the mic quality of these headphones. They don’t pick up much background noise. I had a lot of background noises going around me when testing them out, but they didn’t pick them up.

4. Software and Compatibility

With boAt Immortal IM-1000D, you’ll get two software updates, and you’ll also get two software support on these which will help you make adjustments.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos

Firstly you get Dolby Atmos Support which you can get through Microsoft Store. You can set up Dolby Atmos through their website. You’ll get the option to connect your headphones.

You’ll get a lot of different modes for gaming and movies, like detailed, balanced, and warm. There is an added performance mode in gaming which prioritises positional accuracy for intense gaming.

There are three presets for adjusting sound, which you can change according to your preference.

However, if you can’t access Dolby Atmos, you can choose the second software option, which is boAt plugin labs.

boAt Plugin Labs

boAt Plugin Labs

The second software you get is boAt plugin labs. You can access this through boAt’s official website.

You get an option to turn on the speaker or the mic. You also get an option to adjust the volume.

There is also an option to change the sample rate, which will change the sound.

You can play around with these settings to adjust the sound further. There is also an option to equalise sound, which you can try out. You’ll also get presets for customising the sound.

The addition of the Virtual speaker shifter is cool. When you turn this on, it acts as a 360 surround sound experience, and you’ll get a 3d experience. I tried this out for movies and songs supporting 360 audio; the effect was really cool.

These were all the softwares, and they will definitely enhance your gaming experience.

What Sets boAt Immortal IM-1000D Apart From Competitors?

Mic quality is one of the most important things when it comes to gaming headphones. You get dual mic support on boAT Immortal IM-1000d, so it has a detachable mic and an inbuilt mic. This makes the quality significantly better. They also come with good software support and many options to customise the sound, so you can have it exactly the way you want.

Should You Purchase boAt Immortal IM-1000D?

Should You Purchase boAt Immortal IM-1000D

Yes, you can consider purchasing them. They give you many options to personalise your experience, so you won’t have to stay stuck with what you get out of the box. The build quality and comfort are also great. You get braided wires, and you use them with a lot of devices.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of boAt Immortal IM-1000D.


  • Design– Cool design with RGB lights
  • Comfort – soft padding on ear cups and headband
  • Mic Quality – dual mic for great quality


  • Volume – on the lower end
  • Sound – not optimised for music


boAt Immortal IM-1000D are usually priced around Rs 2699. Check our links for the current price.

Our Rating

Category of PerformanceRating Out of 10
Sound Quality7/10
Mic Quality8/10
Software and Compatibility9/10
Overall Rating8.25/10


Does boAt Immortal IM-1000D have Dolby Atmos?

Yes, boAt Immortal IM-1000D comes with Dolby Atmos support.

No, boAt Immortal IM-1000D does not support Bluetooth.

boAt Immortal IM-1000D is one of the best headphones for playing PUBG.

boAt Immortal IM-1000D are perfect for gaming.

No, we cannot use boAt Immortal IM-1000D on mobile.

Infinity is part of Harman International Industries, which is the parent company of JBL. So they are both sister companies under Harman.


boAt Immortal IM-1000D gaming headphones turned out to be excellent headphones. I like the software support they come with and the ability to customise. They give you a lot of options, and you can truly customise the sound to your own listening preferences.

The market is saturated with many gaming headphones, but their unique point is that you can also use them for everyday tasks. You can listen to music or watch movies and series.

They come in a smaller size than most bulky headphones, so you won’t feel like you have much on. You can easily connect them to your PC, TV, or gaming consoles.

In my experience, you should totally consider getting them. They perform really well across the board, and you’ll also get the option to customise in case you don’t like anything.