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Boat Rockerz Trinity Vs Noise Tune Active Pro

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Looking for a good neckband, you can use as a daily driver? We’ve got just the comparison for you. We’re reviewing boAt Rockerz Trinity and Noise Tune Active Pro . They come around the same price, but which one performs better?

Both neckbands are good in their areas. Noise Tune is a great everyday neckband with practical features like noise cancellation for calls, a low lag feature, and an excellent 60-hour battery life.

On the other hand, boAt Trinity Rockerz are power packed with exciting features such as sound equalisers, a low latency gaming mode, and a powerful battery backup.

As usual, we’ve divided our review into different categories. I’ll test out both neckbands and determine which neckband performs better in every category.

Want to know which one to get? Keep reading to find out.

How to Choose the Best Neckband for You?

The neckband you prefer will depend on your type of usage. You can prioritize things like sound quality or latency if you don’t use your neckband too often.

If you use your neckband throughout the day, then it’s better to look for something with a powerful battery. Similarly, if you go to the gym or stay outdoors, IPX rating is an essential factor you should consider.

Overview of Both the Neckbands

Here’s an overview of boAt Rockerz Trinity and Noise Tune Active Pro.

1. Boat Rockerz Trinity

boAt Rockerz Trinity is a popular neckband from boAt. It has powerful features such as sound equalisers, a beast mode for your gaming sessions, and a powerful battery that boAt claims will last you for a week.

2. Noise Tune Active Pro

Noise Tune Active Pro has made itself to be the most practical neckband for everyday usage. It has practical features, suitable for daily tasks such as noise reduction for calls, a lag-free experience for videos and games, and a good battery life that will easily last a few days.

Specifications Comparison

ModelRockerz TrinityTune Active Pro
PriceRs 1499Rs 1499
Special FeaturesIPX5 Water Resistant, BEAST Mode, dual pairingFast Charging, Environmental Sound Reduction for calls. (ESR)
Wireless typeBluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.2
Ear placementIn-earIn-ear
Battery Backup150 hours 60 hours
Maximum Operating Distance10 metres10 metres
Item Weight35 g 35 g
Manufacturer‎Imagine Marketing Ltd‎‎Nexxbase Marketing Pvt. Ltd
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Noise ControlPassive Noise IsolationPassive Noise Isolation

Boat Rockerz Trinity Vs Noise Tune Active Pro : 4 – Factor Comparison

Here are all the crucial features we tested boAt Rockerz Trinity and Noise Tune Active Pro on.

1. Design

Let’s compare designs and see which neckband is better to flaunt.

Boat Rockerz Trinity

Design Boat Rockerz Trinity

boAt Rockers has a classic design. There is nothing new in terms of design, but it still feels premium.

I have the blue variant with me, which looks great, and the neckband has the same colour throughout. The earbuds have subtle boAt branding, which is a nice touch. The earbuds have a plastic finish and have used magnets to keep them intact and in place.

The fitting of the buds is excellent. I took them to the gym to work out, and they stayed in place the entire time. The addition of wings to this design would’ve been even better. They also offer noise isolation because of their design.

Noise Tune Active Pro

Noise Tune Pro’s design is also on the simpler side. However, I really liked the design’s glossy finish on the ear tips. This little detail gives them an extra touch. They also have a minimal noise logo on the earbuds.

Other than the ear tip, the body is entirely matte. The ear tips also come with magnets, so your ear tips stay in place.

We got the burgundy variant which looks lovely. I haven’t seen many brands offering this colour, so this was refreshing to see.

The ear tips have wings for extra security, so you won’t have to worry about them falling off runs or workouts. The silicon design also offers additional noise isolation without anything even playing.

Who Wins?

I have to give it to Noise on this one. The glossy finish on the earbuds gives them an extra touch, plus they have wings on the ear tips for a more secure fit.

2. Durability

Want a neckband to last you a long time? We determine which one is durable by comparing the build quality of both neckbands.

Boat Rockerz Trinity

Durability Boat Rockerz Trinity

boAt has used strong, flat cables on Rockerz Trinity so they won’t tangle or break easily. The feel of the buttons is also good, and they don’t feel cheap.

The overall build of them feels good. Rockerz Trinity comes with an IPX5 rating, so they can sustain light water splashes. You can take them to the gym or outdoors without worrying about damaging them.

Noise Tune Active Pro

Durability Noise Tune Active Pro

Noise Tune has a good build. It comes with an IPX5 rating, so it can easily handle sweat and light splashes.

The neckband on these feels durable, but the wires after the neckband feel slightly flimsy. Noise could have used slightly sturdier cables on them so they don’t risk breaking.

Who Wins?

Both neck bands are similar in durability, but boAt gets the win for providing slightly durable wires.

3. Functions and Connectivity

Here is a comparison to find which neckband has better connectivity and functionality.

Boat Rockerz Trinity

Functions and Connectivity Boat Rockerz Trinity

boAt Rockerz Trinity comes with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, dual pairing, and a dedicated gaming mode. The dual pairing came in handy when I wanted to connect them to my laptop and mobile at the same time.

boAt also provides a dedicated gaming beast mode. It offers close to 65 ms, which is good for casual gamers. It might not suit heavy gamers as much. For calls, boAt has also included ENx for cancelling background sounds.

Noise Tune Active Pro

Functions and Connectivity Noise Tune Active Pro

Noise Tune Active Pro comes with Bluetooth 5.2, so their connectivity is relatively fast. You get voice assistant features and can control volume and playback through the multifunctional buttons. You get ENR technology for canceling background noise during calls.

Noise has not mentioned a dedicated gaming mode anywhere. Still, they have talked about lag-free gaming without saying the exact ms. I tested the gaming mode, and again, it is okay for casual gaming but not for anything too heavy. This neckband has dual pairing missing.

Who Wins?

boAt Rockers Trinity has the upper hand because you get a dedicated gaming mode and dual pairing support.

4. Battery Backup and Charging

Here is a comparison of battery life and charging to decide which neckband will last longer.

Boat Rockerz Trinity

Battery Backup and Charging Boat Rockerz Trinity

boAt provides a massive 150-hour battery on boAt Rockerz Trinity. They will easily last you a week’s worth of usage. I tested them out for a few days, and they didn’t need to be charged even once.

They also have a fast charging feature that will give you 24 hours of battery backup in just 10 minutes of charging.

Noise Tune Active Pro

Battery Backup and Charging Noise Tune Active Pro

On Noise Tune Active Pro, Noise promises a battery life of 60 hours if you listen to them at 60%. In my experience, they don’t have good battery management. I noticed that their battery tends to drain way faster during heavy tasks like gaming.

So, the promise of 60 hours of battery backup doesn’t hold up. They didn’t last that long.

Who Wins?

Rockerz Trinity, by far, has the better battery backup, so it has to be the winner in this category.

5. Sound Quality

Here is how sound quality differs between these neckbands.

boAt Rockerz Trinity

Sound Quality Noise Tune Active Pro

boAt Rockerz Trinity comes with 10 mm audio drivers. The sound signature is excellent on these. They have excellent sound output across all media, such as games and movies. It also has a sound equaliser, so you can switch modes according to preference.

The signature mode is great if you are a bass lover. If not, you can always switch to the balanced mode.

As for calling, the call quality on Rockers Trinity might be the best out of all the products I’ve tested so far.

Noise Tune Active Pro

Sound Quality Boat Rockerz Trinity

I liked the sound quality better on the Noise Tune Active Pro , compared to Rockerz Trinity. The brand has used Noise Signature Sound, which they use across all their premium audio products.

The calling experience is also great with Noise but less than boAt. It still performs really well, and you can easily take calls with them.

Who Wins?

The win goes to Noise for the superior sound quality.

Highlights for the Neckbands

Here are the highlights for boAt Rockerz Trinity and Noise Tune Active Pro.

Boat Rockerz Trinity

  • Durability – flat cables will last long
  • Sound Equalizers – 2 sound modes to switch between 
  • Call Quality – great quality calls with no distortions

Noise Tune Active Pro 

  • Sound Quality – has noise signature sound 
  • Design – great design with winged ear tips

Who Won?

Winner – boAt Rockerz Trinity

The win must go to boAt Rockerz Trinity because it performed well and won in many categories. It has one of the best battery lives we’ve seen so far on a Bluetooth device, with 150 hours of playback. It’s good enough to last you an entire week on a single charge.

It also comes with loads of features, such as dual pairing that lets you connect to two different devices at the same time. It also has a sound equaliser to help customise the sound. The beast mode helps make gameplay more enjoyable with a lag-free experience.

Winner’s Pros and Cons in Detail

Here are all the detailed pros and cons of boAt Rockerz Trinity.


  • Calling – Best calling we’ve seen in a Bluetooth device
  • Features – Dual pairing and dedicated gaming mode
  • Battery – 150 hours of battery backup


  • Design – design not innovative
  • Build – not built to last
  • Gaming – lag not suitable for heavy games

Why Did Noise Tune Active Pro Lose?

Noise Tune Active Pro  truly surprised us when it came to sound quality. It uses Noise’s signature sound, which sounds premium and will give you a great experience. However, it falls short in a lot of other aspects.

The battery doesn’t last as long and won’t be able to power you through heavy tasks. The build is on the flimsier side, so it must be handled carefully. We still aren’t crossing these off the list, and you can definitely try them out for their sound quality.


What is the battery life on boAt Rockerz Trinity?

boAt Rockerz Trinity comes with a playback time of 150 hours.

boAt Rockerz Trinity is a great neckband under Rs 1500. It comes with a battery life of 150 hours and good sound quality.

boAt Rockerz Trinity comes around the price of Rs. 1499.

No, Active Tune Active Pro does not come with Active Noise Cancellation. It does provide noise isolation because of its design.

Noise Tune Active Pro is a good neckband under Rs 1499. 


Although the price of boAt Rockerz Trinity and Noise Tune Active Pro is similar, we’ve seen how much they differ in performance. I’d recommend going for Rockerz Trinity.

It has a much more powerful battery backup, and you get more features like dual pairing and a low-latency gaming mode. You get value for your money with them.

In my experience, it is slightly behind on sound quality by Noise Tune, but not by a lot, and you still get excellent output. The mic is the best I’ve tested so far, so it’s perfect for taking calls and attending meetings. The gaming mode is also great.

boAt Rockerz Trinity is a really good neckband, and we’d highly recommend it.