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boAt ROckerz Trinity

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Today we are reviewing one of boAt’s most popular neckbands, that are boAt Rockerz Trinity. They come with many exciting features like sound equalisers, beast mode for gaming, and a powerful battery.

Their features sound great on paper, but how well do they perform? Just by looking at the features, we know they have the potential to be your daily drivers. So we’ve tested them thoroughly and will let you know about our experience in detail.

Are you excited to know more about them? Keep reading, and you’ll know if boAt Rockerz Trinity will be a good fit for you.


ModelRockerz Trinity
PriceRs 1499
FeaturesIPX5 Water Resistant, BEAST Mode, dual pairing
Wireless typeBluetooth 5.2
Ear placementIn-ear
Battery Backup150 hours
Maximum Operating Distance10 metres
Item Weight35 g
Manufacturer‎Imagine Marketing Ltd
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Noise ControlPassive Noise Isolation




Signature mode

boAt Rockerz Trinity

Who is boAt Rockerz Trinity For?

Who is boAt Rockerz Trinity For

boAt Rockerz Trinity is an all-rounder, so we can easily recommend them to everyone. If you’re someone who needs to travel a lot, these are especially great because you won’t have to worry about charging them.

We used them for three days while testing, and they still had a lot of battery life.

What You Get in the Box

  • User manual.
  • Type A to Type C charging cable.
  • Extra ear tips.
  • boAt sticker.

Important Factors We Tested boAt Rockerz Trinity On

Here are all the different factors we tested boAt Rockerz Trinity on.

Design and Comfort

boAt Rockerz Trinity has a simple and minimalistic design. boAt has used strong and flat cables on them that won’t tangle. You can easily roll them up and even carry them around in your jean pockets.

We got the blue variant which looks good and also has dual finishing. The buttons also have a good look and feel to them. There are three multi-functional buttons, and we’ll talk about how to use them under #3 functions and connectivity. They have a type-c charging slot near the buttons for easy access.

The earbuds have a plastic finish. They also have subtle boat branding on the buds, which we liked. They also have a magnet at the back which can be used to keep them in place.

The fitting of the earbuds is excellent. They offer additional noise isolation because of the silicone ear tips, so 60% of background noise will be cancelled. You can also take them to the gym, and they won’t fall off even during heavy workouts.

They come in 3 colour variants – Cosmic Black, Just Blue, and Kutch White.

2. Durability


boAt Trinity Rockerz has a really sturdy build, so you won’t have to worry about being too careful with it. The cables are also flat so that they won’t tangle or break easily. They can sustain rough use, so you don’t have to worry too much while using them.

They come with an IPX5 rating, so if you’re a gym enthusiast or outdoor lover, you can easily use them without worrying about water damaging them.

3. Functions and Connectivity

Functions and Connectivity

boAt Rockerz Trinity has Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, SBC / AAC codec for high-quality audio streaming, and Dual Pairing. I used them on my phone and laptop during testing, and the transition was seamless.

You also get a low latency mode for lag-free gaming. ENx technology will cancel background sounds and enhance your voice for clearer calls. For Sound Quality, boAt has added crystal bionic sound for an enhanced listening experience. I’ve thoroughly tested all these features, which you’ll find in the sound quality section.

You also get access to your preferred voice assistant. Nothing is missing when it comes to features; this neckband has it all.

Here are all the touch controls

  1. Playback and volume.
  2. Single press the middle button to pause or resume playback.
  3. Press the volume up and down buttons to increase or decrease the volume.
  4. Long press the volume up button to go to the next rack.
  5. Long press volume down button to back to previous track.

Switching modes

  1. Double press middle button to change sound mode.
  2. Triple press middle button to switch to beast mode.
  3. Long press middle button to activate voice assistant feature.


  1. Single press middle button accept call.
  2. Single press middle button to hang up an ongoing call.
  3. Double press middle button to directly reject the call.

Buttons are responsive and easy to use. The touch controls were way easier to remember than in TWS.

4. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

boAt Rockers Trinity comes with 10 mm sound drivers, which produce a good sound output. They have a sound equalizer option where you get two different sound modes – signature and balanced. The signature mode is excellent; bass lovers will enjoy it. Something we noticed is that there is a slight issue with clarity and details in the bass mode.

You’ll find crystal bionic sound support in the balanced mode. The enhancement in the sound and vocals is clear. We loved the balanced mode and would recommend it over the signature mode. The sound signature was really impressive. However, the option to choose is appreciated.


There’s a 65ms low latency gaming mode which is slightly on the higher side. There’s good differentiation between left and right; you’ll know exactly what is happening in the game and won’t miss out on anything. I used this mode to play games and didn’t feel much lag.


We tested them for calls, and the sound output was good. We tested them outside with a lot of background noise, and there was clarity in voice. There was a little background noise, but it was not distracting. If you use them indoors, then you’ll have no issues in terms of clarity.

4. Battery Backup

Battery Backup

boAt Rockerz Trinity comes with 150 hours of really impressive battery backup. We tested out their insane fast charging feature, which gives a playback of 24 hours in just 10 minutes of charging. It worked, which is impressive.

This neckband is amazing for traveling. Imagine not having to charge them even with heavy usage. We don’t know about you, but we are taking them on our next trip.

While testing, we used them for three full days and didn’t need to charge them even once.

What sets boAt Rockerz Trinity Apart From Competitors?

boAt Rockers Trinity’s defining feature has to be its powerful battery backup. Neckbands are known for their better battery life than TWS. But Rockers Trinity has surpassed most neckbands in terms of battery life. They also have loads of other features like ENx technology for calling, gaming mode, and sound equalisers. They are an all-rounder pair and definitely worth considering.

Should You Purchase boAt Rockerz Trinity ?

Yes, without a doubt. If you’re looking for a neckband, these have everything you want. They have a fantastic battery life that lasts a week on moderate use without charging. They have incredible sound quality along with sound equalisers, so you can adjust the sound according to your liking. The ENx technology works well during calls, and so does the gaming mode.

Pros and Cons

Here are all the pros and cons of boAt Rockerz Trinity.


  • Battery – power playback of up to 150 hours
  • Build – strong and durable build
  • Calls – good calls with ENx technology
  • Features – dual pairing and sound equalisers


  • Gaming – latency in gaming mode could be lower
  • Signature mode – bass heavy and distorts sound 


Their price is usually around Rs 1499. Check our links for the current price.

Our Rating

Category of PerformanceRating Out of 10
Functions and Connectivity8/10
Sound Quality10/10
Battery Backup10/10
Overall Rating9/10


What is the price of Rockerz Trinity in India?

Rockerz trinity retails for around Rs 1499 in India.

boAt rockerz trinity last 150 hours of playback.

Neckbands are usually better in battery life and sound quality than wireless earbuds. You can also use them without worrying about losing them.

boAt Rockerz trinity comes with a powerful battery life of 120 hours.

boAt Rockerz Trinity comes with great sound quality and battery life, so it is one of the best neck bands under 2000.


Now that we’ve reviewed all their features, I hope you’ve got a clear idea about boAt Rockers Trinity.

We’ve tested them out in many different aspects and definitely recommend them. You won’t have to compromise on any aspect when choosing them. If you travel a lot, go to the gym, or need to take many work calls, these are great for all those situations.

We also tested them for gaming, so if you’re an occasional gamer, you’ll have no complaints about them.

We hope this review cleared all your doubts about boAt Trinity Rockerz.