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Boult Probass Range

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It’s easy to say that Boult Probass Ranger stands out because of their unique design. It’s not something that we’ve seen before.

Boult has used powerful 50mm drivers with these, and they come with an IPX5 rating. They usually come up as recommendations for good gaming headphones.

But do these sound as powerful as they look? And will they be able to power you through all your gaming sessions?

We are sure these are the questions you have and ones we certainly did.

We’ll test them out in different areas and give you our final recommendation. Please keep reading to find out everything about them in detail.

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BrandBoult Audio
PriceRs 1799
FeaturesWith Microphone
Wireless typeBluetooth 5.0
Ear placementOver the Ear
Battery Backup10 hours
Maximum Operating Distance20 Meters
Item Weight250 g
Manufacturerhenzhen Exotic Electronics Co.,Ltd,
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Noise ControlSound Isolation


Unique design
Sound Quality


Battery Backup

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About the Brand

Boult was started in 2017 by Varun Gupta. Varun was a digital marketer by profession, so he had prior knowledge related to marketing and how to grow a brand before starting his company.

Boult has been using Vicky Kaushal as their brand ambassador, and he can be seen in Boult’s product advertisements.

Boult differentiated their products in design and has emerged as a popular brand in the audio segment.

Who are These Headphones for?

Who are These Headphones for

This product is for gamers looking for a good sound experience with low latency. These are also a good option for bass lovers. Use them with AUX for an even better experience.

However, because of the size and battery backup, these won’t be a good option for regular users looking for an everyday pair of headphones. We have other headphone recommendations for you that you will prefer.

Important Factors We Tested These Headphones on

These are beautiful-looking headphones, but do they also perform well? And they frequently come up when talking about gaming and sound quality.

We wanted to test them in the above aspects as well as battery backup, durability, comfort, and features. As usual, we have divided our review into eight key areas we tested these headphones and will discuss them in detail.

1. Design


Boult Probass Ranger headphones have a premium design and look to them. They have Boult written on the headband and have a metallic arch that gives structure to these headphones. They are a one-of-a-kind pair of headphones with a unique design.

These headphones have an over-the-ear design with large ear cups that will cover your ears. They also have the Boult logo in the middle of the cup and have also used wood which gives a different look.

The right ear cup has volume rockers, a power button, an AUX port, and charging.

The design is fantastic and gives a different look.

2. Durability

The Boult Probass Rangers have a sturdy design and look durable to us. They have used metal arches along with the headband that provides stability to these headphones. They haven’t used any plastic in the headband, so the build is good.

You can also adjust the headband according to your head shape. The material used for the ear cups is plastic, but they feel durable.

3. Comfort


The Boult Probass Ranger are over-the-ear headphones. Their ear cups are huge and will cover your entire ears. They feel comfortable to wear.

I wore them for a few hours during testing and personally didn’t feel much discomfort.

A con is that they don’t absorb heat efficiently, so your ears will get heated after prolonged use.

Also, the clamping force, which is the pressure with which headphones press onto your ears when you wear them, is higher with these headphones. This makes it uncomfortable to wear these headphones for long hours.

4. Battery Backup

Boult offers 10 hours of playtime and 48 hours of standby time on these headphones. Other headphones in the same category come with much better battery life. Check out our other reviews to find other headphones.

You can go for these if you’re in the market for good gaming headphones, but they aren’t the best when it comes to the battery.

5. Sound Quality


You get solid sound quality with the Boult Probass headphones, which come with 50 mm audio drivers. The larger the drivers, the more sound they can produce. You get deep bass which enhances the experience of watching movies and games.

If you prefer bass-heavy sounds while listening to music, these headphones are for you.

I tested these out during gaming and, personally, didn’t notice any latency. If you use this with AUX then the gaming experience will be smoother.

The sound gets loud at max volume, and I noticed sound leakage. This might be an issue because of the fit, as they don’t sit completely on your ears.

During calls, the mic was just okay; nothing to rave about. If you were looking for something to use during meetings, then you are better off exploring other options.

6. Features

Here are all of the features of the Boult Probass Ranger.

  • You’ll find controls on the right ear cup, such as the volume rockers and power button. Their placement is slightly odd. They’ve also used cheap quality plastic because they make a sound when pressing.
  • They come with an AUX port that will be useful during gaming.
  • Probass Ranger has Bluetooth 5.0 support and connectivity up to 10 meters.
  • The IPX5 rating means it’s dust and water-resistant, so that you can use these outdoors and for activities.

The features are relatively basic on these.

7. Weight


The weight of the Probass Ranger is on the heavier side as the ear cups are pretty big. They give a bulky look, but after wearing them for long hours, I didn’t feel their weight as I wasn’t moving my head much.

Other people have complained that the metal makes it heavy, and they cannot wear it for long hours. I wouldn’t suggest these for casual usage. If you are looking for good headphones you can keep on for long hours, check the other reviews on our blog.

8. Price

I got these for 1800, which is a reasonable price because you get a good listening experience, and the build quality is also great. If you are looking for gaming headphones, then you can consider them for the price.

What Sets Boult ProBass Ranger Apart From Competitors?

The bass-heavy sound profile is what sets Boult Probass ranger apart from competitors. We enjoyed watching youtube and movies on this; they sounded great. The sound profile was even more enjoyable while listening to music.

They are also a good choice for gamers. We didn’t notice any lag during gaming and had a great experience. You can use this with AUX for an even smoother experience.

However, these aren’t the most comfortable headphones we’ve tested, so we would only recommend them for occasional use.

Should you purchase Boult ProBass Ranger?

These are not for you if you are a casual user or need everyday headphones. They have a bulky design with a high clamping force that can’t be worn for long hours. The battery backup is also on the lower end and won’t last you long hours.

We have other headphone recommendations for you in the same price segment.

However, you can consider these if you want a pair of unique-looking headphones for occasional gaming and music. We wouldn’t recommend these as your primary headphones.


  • Unique design – They have a one-of-a-kind design that hasn’t been seen before
  • Sound Quality – The sound quality is excellent across media and is good for bass lovers
  • Gaming – We had no complaints gaming on these, and you can use aux for an even smoother experience
  • Durability – The built is sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about replacing them


  • Battery Backup – The battery lasts for 10 hours which is on the lower end
  • Weight – It is on the bulky side and you’ll feel the weight of them
  • Clamping – Clamping is on the higher side, and long usage will lead to discomfort.
  • Portability – These aren’t foldable so can’t be carried around. 


Their Price is Rs 1799, which is reasonable considering their overall quality and specs.

Our Rating

Category of PerformanceRating Out of 10
Battery Backup6/10
Sound Quality7/10
Overall Rating59/80


Is Boult audio Ranger good for gaming?

Yes, they have good sound quality and low latency, so they can be used for gaming. Plug them in with AUX for a smooth, no-lag experience.

Yes, Boult is a good earphone brand with a range of different earphones and headphones.

Boult Audio is an Indian brand that has manufacturing units in China. They’ve recently talked about shifting their production to India.

Boult Audio is a brand that originated in India.

Varun Gupta is the founder and CEO of Boult Audio.


We have summarized all the specifications of the Boult Probass Ranger over-the-ear Bluetooth Headphones and tested their features in detail. They perform well when it comes to durability, sound quality, and latency. They however, need to improve in areas such as battery backup, weight, and portability.

If you want an excellent-sounding pair of headphones that you can use for gaming, then you can consider these. But, if you want a well-rounded set of headphones that don’t sacrifice in areas like battery and comfort, other options are available in the market.

If you want good headphone recommendations, check out our other blog posts.