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how to charge bluetooth headphones

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Purchasing Bluetooth headphones is one thing while maintaining them so that they can stay for longer is another.

Charging your Bluetooth headphones is not a crucial task, and yet the lifespan of your headphones is more or less determined by how you charge them and the precautions you take.

Today, we are about to list down how you can charge your Bluetooth headphones.

A variety of headphones are available in the market, and each of them has more or less the same specifications but might have different charging requirements.

What ‘Not to Do’ While Charging Your Bluetooth Headphones!

  • Ensure that it is turned off and disconnected while it is getting charged.
  • Try not to use an incompatible charger as it creates the possibility of early damage to your headphones and might even pose a safety risk.
  • Do not overcharge your headphones. Overcharging may potentially damage the battery or even reduce their lifespan. Charge them only as per the recommended time.
  • Refrain from charging your headphones in extreme temperatures, i.e., extremely hot or cold areas.
  • It’s recommended not to use your headphones while they are charging. It can also increase the temperature of the device affecting the charging process.

How to Charge Your Headphones

Here’s how to charge different types of headphones.

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-Ear Headphones

Follow these simple steps to charge your over-ear headphones:

  • Locate the charging port. It is generally located on one of the earcups or the headband.
  • After locating the charging port, connect the corresponding cable that came with your headphones, making sure that it is inserted firmly and securely.
  • Connect the other end of the charging cable to a power source. You may use a USB port on a computer, a USB wall adapter, or a power bank, ensuring that the power source is turned ON.
  • Most Bluetooth headphones come with a charging indicator, making it easier for you to know when the device needs charging and when it is fully charged.
  • Allow your device to charge as per the recommended time, which is usually mentioned in the user manual or product specifications.

In-ear Headphones

In-ear Headphones

Here’s a general guide to charging your in-ear headphones

  • Pinpoint the charging port in your in-ear headphones. It is usually located on one of the earbuds itself or on the charging case if your headphones have one.
  • Connect one end of the charging cable to the in-ear headphones or to the charging case and the other end to the power source. Make sure that both ends are connected firmly.
  • Leave your charger connected to the power source for sufficient time or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Once your headphones have finished charging, unplug the charger from the power source.

True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds usually come with a charging case and often have a LED indicator for a low charge or full charge.

  • To charge your wireless earbuds, first, locate the charging port.
  • Connect both the charging ends to their respective destinations, ensuring that they are securely connected.
  • Let the earbuds for their designated time, i.e., as prescribed by the manufacturer in the user manual or product description.
  • Unplug the charger as soon as the charging case indicates that it is fully charged.
  • The better part about these headphones is that the charging case can be used to charge earbuds without being inserted into the power source, provided that it has enough charge.

Neckband Headphones

neckband headphones

The process to charge the neckband headphones is the same as True wireless earbuds and In-ear headphones.

  • Locating the charging port may be slightly tricky in the neckband. However, it is usually located on the neckband itself. It may differ depending on the brand and model of your headphones.
  • You can examine the neckband thoroughly for an opening covered by a cap or a flap, which is where the charging cable needs to be inserted. The charging port generally has a “charging” symbol on or next to it.
  • As discussed above, insert both charging ends into their respective power source.
  • Allow it to charge sufficiently.
  • Unplug both ends as and when the device is fully charged.

Note that these are general guidelines for charging your headphones. The charging specifications and requirements wholly depend on the brand and model of the respective headphone.

Something that you must ensure is to read the user manual thoroughly to avoid overcharging or any kind of trouble that may cause harm to your headphones in the long run.

Troubleshooting Common Charging Issues

Although charging your Bluetooth headphones seems to be an easy assignment, there is a high chance that you might encounter some charging issues. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Headphones Won’t Charge

  • Check the charging cable and connections.
  • Ensure that both ends of the charger are firmly connected to their respective sources.
  • Analyse the charging cable for visible damages, if any.
  • Try using a different cable.

Check the Power Source

  • If no faults are found in the steps above, you may try verifying the power source.
  • Verify that the power source is functioning correctly. (wall socket, USB port)
  • Try using a different power source to know if the power source is faulty
  • If the power source has no faults, try to clean the charger ports on the charger and device as well.

Clean Ports

  • Examine the charger port for any dirt or filth collected over time.
  • Use a cotton swab or an alcohol wipe (dampened) to clean the port. 

Reset Headphones or Try a Different Charger

  • Further, you can try resetting your headphones or simply restart them.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, try using a different but compatible charger.
  • Connect the headphones to the alternative charger and observe if it gets charged.
  • If not, check for the device updates, if any, and update as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the headphones are still not getting charged after the mentioned steps above, reach out to the nearest service centre or customer support to resolve the issue.

Headphones Won’t Turn on

  • Check the battery level, and plug in the charger for a considerable amount of time.
  • Make sure the power source is functioning properly, and the charger is firmly inserted.
  • Try using a different power source or a different charger that is compatible with your device.
  • If the issue isn’t resolved, try resetting or restarting your device by pressing the power button for a specified time. 
  • After a few minutes, try charging the device again.
  • Inspect the headphones for visible damage. If any, contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement!

If this issue persists and there are no visible damages found. In that case, you may have to contact the nearest service centre or customer support.


Charging your headphones is not a crucial task that needs much vigilance, but it does need awareness about basic charging needs, especially if one wants their money’s worth.

It simply involves a few easy steps to ensure proper charging and longevity of the headphones.

We hope we were able to guide you through the steps seamlessly.

Happy listening!