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how to connect headphones to tv

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What’s better than binge-watching your favorite series without any disturbance and all to yourself? Sounds pretty exciting! Doesn’t it?

Bluetooth is an exciting technology that enhances your experiences, such as gaming, watching movies and songs. It allows you to connect your headphones to any device that is Bluetooth compatible, making it easier for most of us to stream music and movies without the fear of making noise.

The first Tv to have built-in Bluetooth was HP MediaSmart launched in the year 2007, leaving behind the traditional ways of listening to songs and watching movies. Although not all television sets are equipped with Bluetooth technology, most are on their way to becoming one.

How to know If Your Tv Has Bluetooth?

The simplest way to know if your Tv has Bluetooth is to look over the box it came in; it usually has a “bluetooth” logo on it for ease and understanding. If you do not find one, the chances of Bluetooth technology in your Tv have been reduced quite a bit. But let’s not lose hope; we’re here for you. Even if you do not have a Bluetooth-equipped television set, we will tell you ways so you do not feel left out.

The other effective way to know if your Tv has Bluetooth is by reading the user manual that was provided to you when you purchased the set. It has everything that you need to know about your Tv, with proper instructions and guidance on how to take advantage of the features provided.

Don’t tell me you made paper planes out of that user manual.

Anyways, I hope you, at least, know the model of your TV, if yes, take the help of ever helpful internet and type down the Brand and model of your Tv. Most probably, the internet will tell you all you need to know about your TV.

In the rare case scenarios, if you do not even have the model number, click an image of your television set, go to the ‘image search’ option on Google, and there you can look for your TV’s model number.

Or you can just take up your TV remote, go to the ‘settings’ of your Tv, go to the ‘accessories’ menu, and there you’ll find ‘Bluetooth’ if only your TV has one.

And did I say ‘Remote’? Sorry, but the remote is your ultimate key to knowing if your Tv has Bluetooth since Smart Tvs have Smart remotes. Yeah, I know, I should’ve told you earlier, but at least you know it now.

How to Connect Your Headphones to a Samsung TV?

How to Connect Your Headphones to a Samsung TV

The majority of Samsung TVs have Bluetooth; however, the 2022 models have multi-audio features as well, giving you time to praise Samsung even more!

Let us follow the step below and pair our headphones.

  • Go to the settings menu, and click on ‘sound.’
  • Then click ‘Sound output, and you’ll get a list of Bluetooth devices that you might wanna pair too.
  • Make sure that your headphone is turned on and is discoverable so they can pair with the TV.
  • Find your device’s name in the list and click to pair.

In the same way, you can pair another device, too, for multi-audio output, provided that the model was released in the year 2022 or later.

How to Connect Your Headphones to Android TV?

How to Connect Your Headphones to Android TV

Connecting your headphones to Android Tv is easier than you thought. However, the steps and navigations might vary with the model; the path is almost the same.

  • On your ‘Home screen, scroll down and click on ‘Settings.’
  • Under the ‘Remote & Accessory,’ Select ‘Add accessory.’
  • You will then see a list of devices that can be paired to your Tv.
  • Click on the device you want to connect with while making sure that the device is discoverable.
  • In a minute or so, your device gets paired, and you can now watch movies without any disturbance.

What to Do When Your TV Does Not Have Bluetooth?

Nope, we won’t let you miss out on the fun if you do not have a television set that has Bluetooth.

There are devices that will help you connect your headphones to your TV without the TV having Bluetooth. Let’s know HOW?

Bluetooth Transmitters

Bluetooth transmitters, as the name suggests, are a medium to transmit sounds from your Television to your headphones seamlessly. All you need to do is take proper consideration of the port type and then order one for yourself.

You just need to plug in your transmitters to the desired audio jack and then pair your headphones with the transmitter.

These are, by far, the easiest and the most economical way to stream music from your TV to your headphones.

Media Streamers

Media streamers are basically set-top boxes that let you watch shows from the internet on your TV. Media streamers like ‘Amazon Fire Tv,’ ‘Xiaomi Mi Box,’’ Apple TV 4K’, ‘NVIDIA SHIELD TV,’ ‘And Roku,’ allow your wireless headphones to be connected as well and are often considered hassle-free ways to connect your headphones.

Wired Headphones

Wired Headphones

The easiest way to connect your headphones to your Tv is your wired headphones. All you need to do is look for an audio port and plug in your headphones.

Most headphones have 3.5 mm audio ports; it might happen that the Tv set you own does not have 3.5 mm audio ports; either way, you can opt for an OTG cable.

Wired headphones would require you to sit glued to the Tv, which might have adverse effects on you; for that, you can opt for an extension so you can watch movies or play games without hampering yourself.


Wired headphones might seem an option sometimes, but if you seriously want to avoid jumbling your wires, you’d better opt for a wireless one.

As promised, I do hope that it’s no more a challenge for you to pair your headphones to your Tv. However, the steps may vary with the model and Brand; it’s more or less the same for most television sets; you can rest assured of that.

Remember to help yourself with the user manual provided to you, as it’s the best guide for you to actually know your Tv settings and set up your headphones seamlessly.