How to Remove Headphone Symbol in Redmi?

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how to remove headphone symbol in redmi

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Headphones make our lives easier by allowing us to listen to music or watch videos privately and enhance our listening experience.

But what happens when your phone thinks your headphones are plugged in, even when they are not? The headphone symbol doesn’t go away, creating an extra set of problems that frustrate you.

This is a common problem that Redmi users face, and we are here to give you a list of solutions that will solve this issue for you.

Headphone Symbol in Redmi Phones

Countless Redmi users have complained about the headphone symbol on their phones even when they don’t have headphones plugged in. This issue is not with the symbol alone; it also causes your phone to be stuck in headphone mode.

The audio doesn’t function as it typically should; you can’t hear alarms, take calls or play videos. You can’t adjust the volume even if you find a workaround, like taking calls on the speaker.

It’s a tricky situation to be in, and it leaves you feeling frustrated.

Why Won’t the Headphone Symbol go Away?

There’s no way of determining what exactly is causing this problem, but it could be a mix of hardware and software issues.

Here are some possible reasons:

  • Dust and dirt stuck inside your phone’s 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • A glitch in your phone’s settings.
  • Issues with your phone’s operating system.

However, this is not a huge issue, and you can fix it yourself by trying out some solutions that we’ll list below.

How to Remove Headphone Symbol?

Here is a list of solutions you can try out for removing the headphone symbol from your Redmi phone. If one solution doesn’t work out for you, feel free to try other solutions as well.

1. Clean the Headphone Jack

Clean the Headphone Jack
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Your headphone jack contains a switch that signals your phone to go into headphone mode once it detects the jack has been plugged in. However, your jack can also falsely detect headphones if the port has dust or water inside it.

If you carry your phone around in your pocket, it might even be lint getting stuck in your headphone jack. Whatever is stuck in your headphone jack is causing your phone to register them as headphones plugged in and is continuing to do so.

It might be a good time to peep inside your jack with a flashlight, and see if there’s any debris stuck inside.

Here’s how you can clean them.

Use a cotton bud to clean the headphone jack.

We wouldn’t recommend any sharp tools as they might damage your jack in the process. Cotton buds are the safest option and take out most of the cotton from one side, so they are slim enough to fit inside the jack.

You can also try out blunt toothpicks.

  • Insert the cotton bud into the headphone jack and rotate it around several times to shake off the dust from the sides.
  • You can also apply a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol as dust will stick to it and evaporates quickly.
  • Pull the cotton bud out but repeat this process if needed.

We recommend turning off your phone for a few minutes and restarting it to see if the issue is fixed.

2. Plug and Pull Headphones

This might seem like a silly thing to do, but it works in many cases. The goal is for your phone to stop recognizing headphones in your Redmi phone’s port, and doing this several times might do the trick.

Something inside your headphone jack could switch off the internal speaker of the phone when the headphones are plugged in.

This problem can only be solved by removing the foreign matter in the jack. It can be done by inserting your headphones several times and trying to dislodge the particle stuck to the switch.

The trick is to apply pressure and rotate it several times, so your phone detects that the headphones have been pulled out.

Insert headphones 2/3rds of the way into the jack.

Roll it around and apply some pressure.

Repeat this a few times.

If something is stuck inside the jack, this method should work.

3. Disable Bluetooth

Disable Bluetooth

There might be a slight chance that your phone is connected to Wireless headphones and picking it up even when they’re not in use.

If this is happening, make sure to disconnect your phone from any headphones they might be connected to. Also, turn off Bluetooth from your phone settings.

4. Reboot Your Phone

Rebooting has worked for some people, so we recommend trying this out.

You have to plug your headphones into the headphone jack and reboot your phone with your headphones still plugged in.

After your phone fully restarts, unplug your headphones from the headphone jack.

If this works successfully, the headphone symbol from your Redmi phone should have disappeared.

5. Download a Headset Toggle App

Download a Headset Toggle App

Android phones like Redmi have certain apps that can override your phone’s settings and help fix certain problems for you.

In this situation, you can use similar apps to fix your headphone symbol being stuck.

These apps aren’t from trusted sources, so they keep getting deleted and replaced from the play store. This is why we can’t recommend a particular app.

But we recommend typing “headphone mode off” or “earphone mode off.” You’ll be able to get a list of app names and apps with varying names that perform the same function.

Not every app might work for your device, so you’ll have to test out several different apps before you find the one that works.

These apps have solved the problem for several users, and they say their phone’s audio is now playing correctly through the speakers.

6. Factory Reset

If the above methods aren’t working and your Redmi is facing a software issue, it might be worth factory resetting it.

Make sure to back up all your personal data before resetting your phone, as all your data will be wiped clean.

Also, make sure you have enough battery for the process.

The process of resetting your phone might vary across different Redmi devices, but here’s a common list of steps you can follow.

1. Go to settings

Go to settings

2. Find additional settings and click on it

Find additional settings and click on it

3. Scroll down and click on Factory Reset

Scroll down and click on Factory Reset

4. Click on erase all data 

Click on erase all data 

5. Enter your device pin to confirm

Enter your device pin to confirm

What if Your Redmi is Stuck in Headphone Mode?

If you’ve tried all the methods mentioned above and nothing worked, you need to take your phone to a professional.

Contact your nearest Redmi service center, and if your phone is still under warranty, you can get it fixed for free.

If you don’t have a service center nearby, you can also visit a trustworthy repair center.


Having your phone stuck in headphone mode is an inconvenience no one wants to face as it turns daily tasks like taking calls into a hassle.

Hopefully, the solutions mentioned in this article helped solve this problem for you. If one solution didn’t work out for you, be sure to try out the other solutions.

If not, we’d highly recommend taking your phone to a professional and letting them fix it.