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HyperX Cloud III Gaming Headset Launch

Hyper X is a gaming brand that finally has a new release in India. The brand develops a range of products for the gaming community and has now launched a brand new headset, HyperX Cloud III.

Cloud III is the successor to HyperX Cloud II, which was launched way back in 2015. Cloud II has stayed popular since its launch, so the release of a new addition, Cloud III, was much anticipated.

The brand has made a series of changes to these headphones and has made them to be “even more comfortable with new material and fit.’ We’ll discuss all their specs and features in detail, so keep reading to know what they offer.


HyperX Cloud III Design
Image Source: hyperx.com

HyperX Cloud III is an over-the-ear wired gaming headset with a detachable microphone. The headphones retain the look of their predecessor, the Cloud II, but the brand has dropped the contrast stitching for an upgraded look.

The headphones come in 2 colour variants – black and red. The colours run all the way through the headphones and give them an elevated look. The headband features a HyperX text logo on the top, and the ear cups sport the HyperX logo.


HyperX Cloud III has memory foam in the headband and ear cups, making the brand boast of its comfortable fit. The headphones have a metal frame that ensures a sturdy build and durability. 

Despite this, the headphones are much more lightweight at 307 grams compared to other gaming headphones. This makes the headset incredibly comfortable for long gaming sessions. Both the earcups and the headband are also adjustable so that you can adjust them according to your preference and comfort.

The clamping force on the headphones is also the right amount. It is just enough to keep them on your head, and the metal frame ensures you can easily adjust the clamping force.

Gaming Experience

HyperX Cloud III Gaming Experience
Image Source: hyperx.com

HyperX promises a great gaming experience with Hyper X Cloud III. These headphones provide DTS surround sound that promises a 360 surround sound experience. The brand also offers well-detailed sound for multiplayer games.

The headphones are compatible with most gaming consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The detachable 10 mm microphone boasts more clarity than the earlier Cloud II’s 6 mm mic. The microphone also has an LED indicator that lights up when the mic is muted.

The microphone promises noise-cancelling features that will remove all background noises to focus solely on your voice. This will be an excellent choice for multiplayer games where communicating with teammates is key.

Sound Quality

HyperX Cloud III features 53mm dynamic drivers and is bigger than most of the competition, which usually has a driver size between 40 and 50mm.

Cloud II had the same 53 mm size drivers, but the brand says they have been upgraded to deliver “accurate, smooth and detailed sound.’

The Cloud III features a balanced sound profile. However, the bass response on them is still great. You’ll be able to feel it in songs with lower ranges.


HyperX Cloud III Compatibility
Image Source: hyperx.com

HyperX Cloud III is compatible with many devices such as PC, MAC, smartphones, and gaming consoles such as PS5, Xbox series, and Nintendo Switch.

They come with many connectors, including USB-A, USB-C, and a 3.5 mm jack.

Software Support

HyperX Cloud III is compatible with HyperX’s software NGENUITY. This software gives you a handful of options to change the settings. It has a volume and microphone slider that lets you adjust the volume. There is also an option for DTS Spatial Audio.

You’ll also get access to sound equalisers with different sound presets that you can choose from.

Price And Availability

HyperX Cloud III currently retails at $99.99 and Rs. 8,499 INR. They come in 2 colour variants, Black and Red.

HyperX Cloud III can be purchased from Amazon.