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Infinity Glide 510 Vs boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

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Infinity Glide 510 and boAt Rockers 450 Pro are popular lightweight and foldable options. They are easy to carry around. They also provide a similar battery backup of around 70 hours. They have some similar features, so we wanted to put them against each other and see which ones perform better overall.

There is no doubt that these are both fabulous headphones when it comes to their portability, but we wanted to test them out on different features and see which performs best. Also, which would be the overall option when you’re considering purchasing lightweight headphones that would be great for every day, and that you can carry around?

How to Choose the Best Headphones for You?

There are a lot of different options when choosing headphones for yourself. While weight and portability are essential factors, there are also factors like sound quality and comfort that come into play. Ultimately, when choosing a pair of headphones, remember your preferences and priorities first and decide accordingly.

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Overview of Both the Headphones

Here’s a brief overview of the Infinity Glide 510 and boAt Rockers 450 Pro.

1. Infinity Glide 510

Infinity Glide 510

Infinity Glide 510 are on-ear Wireless headphones that are lightweight and have a powerful battery backup of 72 hours. They also come with a dual equalizer mode that allows you to switch to a deep base mode.

These headphones are foldable, so they are easy to carry around. You can take these to the gym as they have an IPX6 Rating, which makes them sweat resistant, and their high clamping force ensures they don’t fall off.

2. boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro are successors to boAt’s popular headphones, Rockerz 450. They boast a powerful battery that lasts up to 70 hours. They come with a good design and a variety of color options.

Their build feels premium. They are foldable, which makes them easy to carry around and take on the go, and the sound quality also feels promising.

Comparison Table

SpecificationsInfinity Glide 510boAt Rockerz 450 Pro
ModelGlide 510Rockerz 450 Pro
PriceRs 1699Rs 1999
FeaturesWith MicrophoneWith Microphone
Wireless typeBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Ear placementOn-the-EarOn-the-Ear
Battery BackupUp to 72 hoursUp to 70 hours
Maximum Operating Distance10 Meters10 Meters
Item Weight110 g168 g
ManufacturerHarman International IndustriesImagine Marketing Ltd
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices

About the Brands

Let’s take a second to dive into a brief history of both these headphone brands.


Infinity is an American brand that started as a loudspeaker manufacturer and moved to produce other audio products. They have been part of Harman since 1983 and became a Samsung subsidiary in 2017.

They are often confused with JBL but are both sister brands under the Harman name.

Infinity launched their products in the Indian Market in 2019 and has since then remained a popular option among consumers. They have a range of audio products, from earphones, headphones, TWS, and even car stereo speakers.


boAt is an Indian consumer brand that was established in 2015 and has a range of audio products that cater to Indian consumers. boAt was initially incorporated at Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited and was co-founded in 2013.

Their product line features regular audio products, and they have expanded their portfolio to include smart watches, portable speakers, home audio equipment, and mobile accessories.

boAt has stuck chiefly to online mediums for their advertising and use a combination of influencer marketing and brand tie-in to promote their products.

Infinity Glide 510 Vs boAt Rockerz 450 Pro: 6-Factor Comparison

We’ll compare these headphones across six factors and decide on a winner.

1. Build Quality

Build Quality

Although these headphones have similar specs, they vary significantly in build quality, so let’s compare them.

Infinity Glide 510

Right off the bat, the build quality on the Infinity Glide 510 feels flimsy. The plastic they’ve used doesn’t feel good, and even the buttons feel cheap on pressing.

Glide 510 is an on-the-ear headphone, so the ear cups are expected to be smaller, but the ear cups are small on these compared to Rockerz 450 Pro and will press down your ears.

The padding on the ear cups is also more rigid, leading to discomfort.

They come with an adjustable headband, so you can adjust it according to your head size, but the adjuster is also made using bad elastic; it feels like it will break.

boAt Rockers 450 Pro

The boAt Rockerz 450 Pro are on-the-ear headphones but come with slightly bigger ear cups that feel comfortable. The padding on the ear cups is also softer, so these are nicer to wear for long hours.

The headband is adjustable so you can adjust it according to your head size. The adjuster is made of premium quality plastic and feels like it will last for longer.

The buttons and volume rockers on the ear cups also feel of good quality and don’t feel flimsy to the touch.

Who Wins?

BoAt Rockerz 450 Pro takes this round for having larger ear cups with softer padding. You can use these for longer without feeling discomfort. The build quality is also of higher quality plastic and will last longer.

2. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Sound signature feels similar to these, although there are some differences that we will discuss.

Infinity Glide 510

The infinity Glide 510 comes with 36 mm drivers. They also come with a dual equalizer mode with a deep base mode. They come with deep bass mode out of the box, so you’ll have to adjust them and put them in normal mode. The bass is higher even in the normal mode. If you don’t like that much bass, then these might be a problem for you.

For taking calls, the microphone on these is excellent. You won’t have any complaints about your audio so these are good for meetings.

The extra bass makes it suitable for watching movies as it clearly captures and enhances all sound effects.

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

The boAt Rockerz 450 Pro come with slightly bigger audio drivers at 40 mm, so their sound performance is slightly better, and they can produce a louder sound.

The bass is not too loud on these and is soothing. If you don’t like extra bass then these are a good option.

The sound is good across all media, like games and movies.

The microphone has issues with sound clarity, and muffled noise goes through. It also captures more background noise, so Rockerz 450 Pro isn’t recommended if taking calls is a higher priority for you.

Who Wins?

Infinity Glide 510 as the sound makes up for a better experience listening to music and watching movies. The microphone is also great, so you won’t face any issues with clarity during calls.

3. Battery Backup and Charging

Glide 510 and boAt Rockerz 450 Pro come with a similar battery backup, but we will compare and see if there are any differences.

Infinity Glide 510

Infinity Glide 510 has a Micro USB for charging, which is outdated. It has a fast charging option that takes 10 minutes to give a playback of 2 hours. We tried this during testing, and this is true.

While testing out their 72-hour battery backup claim, we tested them, and they lasted for three whole days, even with heavy use. If you are a moderate user, then these will last you even longer.

BoAt Rockerz 450 Pro

BoAt Rockers 450 Pro come with a type C charging port. BoAt has used a powerful 750 mAh battery for these headphones, which lasts for 70 hours.

We also tested their ASAP charging feature, which gets you 10 hours of playback in 10 minutes, and it works. We used them heavily for a whole day, doing different tasks, and they held up well. They also had more than 50% charge left.

Who Wins?

It’s a tie! Why? Because the battery backup is almost similar and they make up for their cons by having a pro. Infinity makes up for having a Micro USB by faster charging, and 450 Pro makes up for a slightly slower charging rate by having a Type C. So it all balances out in the end.

4. Features

Here are all the features that Infinity Glide 510 and boAt Rockerz 450 Pro come with.

Infinity Glide 510

A big con with the Infinity Glide 510 is that they don’t come with an AUX cable. It is okay for casual use but not for gaming. You’ll feel latency during gaming.

They have the standard volume rockers and a power button with an LED indicator and instant voice assistance.

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

BoAt Rockerz 450 Pro come with an aux cable, so the gaming experience is better. You can also use them if you run out of charge. The gaming without the aux is also great, as the latency is only about 25 mm, so that you won’t face any issues.

They also have standard features such as a power button, volume rockers on the ear cups, an LED light, and google voice assistance.

Who Wins?

BoAt Rockerz 450 Pro are at an advantage as they come with an aux, and the latency during gaming is also better.

5. Comfort

Both are on-ear headphones but vary in terms of comfort; let’s discuss them.

Infinity Glide 510

As we already discussed, the padding on Glide 510 is slightly stiffer, so they feel uncomfortable for longer hours. The clamping force is also higher on these, so they’ll press down on your ears and take some time to adjust.

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

The ear cups are bigger, so they feel more comfortable to wear. The padding is also softer on these so they are comfortable for more hours. The clamping force is okay and doesn’t lead to any discomfort.

Who Wins?

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro as they are easily the more comfortable pair of headphones with softer padding and low clamping force.

6. Weight


Weight is an important factor when it comes to portability so let’s see the difference between these headphones.

Infinity Glide 510

Infinity Glide 510 are lighter in weight at a mere 110 g. They also have a high clamping force so that they won’t fall off during activity. You can easily carry these around to the gym or outdoors.

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

They are slightly heavier at 168 g, buṭ don’t feel that much different. You can also carry these around for outdoor activities.

Who Wins?

Infinity Glide 510 in the weight category as they are incredibly lightweight at 110 g.

Highlights for the Headphones

Let’s take a look at the high points of both these headphones before we declare a winner.

Infinity Glide 510

  • Sound Quality:- It comes with heavy bass, which makes up for a good experience when watching movies or listening to music.
  • Lightweight:- These are super light at 110g so you can easily take these on the go.
  • Battery and Better Charging:- They come with a powerful 72-hour battery life added with fast charging.
  • Call quality:- the microphone on these are excellent for calls and meetings.

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

  • Build Quality:- The build is of plastic but feels premium and durable.
  • Comfort:- They are on the ear but have big ear cups and softer padding.
  • Better Gaming:- The latency on 450 Pro is low, and you can also use AUX for zero latency.
  • Design:- They look stylish and come in a variety of colors.

Who is the Overall Winner?

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro has emerged as the clear winner. Let’s discuss all its pros and cons in detail.

Pros and Cons in Detail

Let’s refresh and take a look at all the pros and cons of boAt Rockerz 450 Pro.


  • Powerful Battery:- Comes with a powerful battery of 70 hours that will easily last two days or more.
  • Portability:- rotatable ear cups that are also foldable make these easy to carry around.
  • Low Latency:- Latency at 25 mm is perfect for gaming.
  • Build Quality:- Durable plastic build that also feels premium. 


  • Microphone:- The microphone produces a muffled sound and also picks up the background noise.
  • Charging:- They take 2 – 3 hours to charge fully.
  • Sound Quality:- The sound is leveled, and people looking for bass will be disappointed.
  • Durability over time:- The body is not flexible, so it is prone to breakage with rough handling.

Why Did Glide 510 Lose?

While Infinity Glide 510 are a great pair of lightweight headphones, suitable for casual use like watching movies, they have many cons we couldn’t ignore. They are not good when it comes to comfort; the ear cups’ padding is stiff, and their clamping force is high. They can’t be worn for long hours.

Their build is also flimsy and doesn’t feel durable. The volume rockers and power buttons feel cheap and make a sound when pressed.


Does boat 450 pro have noise cancellation?

No, boat 450 does not have noise cancellation.

boAT Rockers 450 Pro has a clear sound output.

boAt Rockers 450 Pro has standard bass.

The deep bass mode in Infinity Glide 510 is activated by default. You can press both the volume up and down buttons together to activate this.

Infinity Glide 510 has a fast charging feature for 2 hours of playback in 10 minutes. They take approx 2 hours to charge fully.


Both Infinity Glide 510 and boAt Rockerz 450 put up a fair fight, but Rockers 450 emerged as the clear winner. It was better in many essential factors, such as comfort, build quality and features. They come with their own set of cons that we have covered.

We’ve also discussed all the pros of the Infinity Glide 510, so you can consider them if any of their features sound promising. We hope this comparison helped you choose between the two.