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JBL Tune 215

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JBL headsets are known for their superior sound quality, so we have an exciting product today. We are reviewing the JBL Tune 215BT neckband today.

JBL promises a lot of exciting features like multipoint connectivity, balanced sound output, and a great in-line mic for good call quality.

But does JBL Tune 215 live up to its claims? How well do they compare against other neck bands in the market, and can they become your new daily drivers?

After our hands-on analysis and testing of sound quality, calls, and other features, we’ll tell whether these are worth the price.

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Price1499 Rs 
Features‎12.5mm Premium Earbuds with Pure Bass; Dual Pairing; Less than 2 hours of charging for 100% battery; Get up to 1 hour of playback with 10 mins of charging
Wireless typeBluetooth 5.0
Ear placementIn-ear
Battery Backup16 hours
Maximum Operating Distance10 meters
Item Weight18 g
Manufacturer‎‎Harman International Industries, Inc
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Noise ControlNo noise cancellation





JBL Tune 215 Neckband

About the Brand

JBL is an American audio brand with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The brand was founded and is an abbreviation of James Bullough Lansing. He was an audio engineer, so he ensured that JBL products were superior in terms of audio quality.

As JBL gained notoriety, they expanded their product ranges and started supplying them internationally. They have become a popular go-to brand in the Indian market. In Q4 2022, they completed sales of 200 million headphone units in India. They are now excepting a market growth of 17.6 percent by 2028.

Who is JBL Tune 215BT For?

Who is JBL Tune 215BT For

JBL Tune 215BT has a unique design that makes them more comfortable than other neckbands. They have a non-rigid neck and winged ear tips with a softer material, so they are comfortable to wear. They can be a good option if their design appeals to you.

They are also a good option if you need to take calls constantly. Neckbands usually have better mic quality than earbuds, and these are a good option.

Important Factors we tested JBL Tune 215BT on

Here are all the different factors we tested the JBL Tune 215BT neckband on.

1. Build and Comfort

Build and Comfort

JBL Tune 215BT is an incredibly lightweight neckband at 18g. It has a minimalistic design and comes in 6 different colour variants. However, only three are widely available such as white, black, and blue.

It comes with a non-rigid neck, which is more discreet and comfortable than other neck bands in the market. It also comes with a tangle-free cable.

They are winged-type earbuds but have used a rubber base instead of plastic, so they feel comfortable to wear. In our experience, people used to silicone ear tips will find these a little uncomfortable.

However, while testing them out, I wore them for long hours and had no issues. JBL has specially designed these with their signature fit that is soft to the touch. They also focused on an ergonomic design that you can wear for long periods without discomfort.

They have a snug fit, which would have been great for workouts. However, during our research, we found no mention of an IPX rating and found through the company website that they don’t have one.

This means that they are not resistant to water, and exposure to water will cause them irreversible damage.

2. Battery Backup

Battery Backup

JBL Tune 215BT comes with a battery life of up to 16 hours. This is less compared to other neck bands in the market.

They’ve used Bluetooth 5.0 in the make, which uses up less battery, but the battery life is still comparatively less.

However, you get the latest type C charging with them, which is great. We tested out their charging time, and it was good. It takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge which is decent, and they also come with a quick charge feature that gives them 1 hour of playtime in just 10 minutes of charging.

3. Functions and Connectivity

Functions and Connectivity

JBL Tune 215BT comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which is slightly outdated. However, I faced no issues while connecting to my phone.

To connect them to your device, press and hold the button in the middle of the neckband until a light starts flashing. Turn on Bluetooth on your device, and soon you’ll see JBL Tune 215BT pop up on your screen. Click to connect.

This neckband supports Google Voice Assistant and Siri using the built-in remote so you can easily access their functionality without touching your phone.

Tune 215BT also has dual connectivity, so you can easily connect and use them on two devices. I tried this out by connecting them to my phone and laptop. The audio switched seamlessly from the laptop to my phone when my phone started ringing.

These will be an excellent option for working professionals who want an option to switch between devices easily.

4. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

JBL Tune 215BT has 12.5mm high-end dynamic drivers for a balanced bass and JBL signature sound.

We immediately noticed that it leans more toward a bass-heavy sound. If you’re someone who generally prefers bass or genres like EDM, then you’ll enjoy it more.

However, if you’re looking for a balanced sound output, then sadly, these are not for you. We noticed there was detailing missing along with vocals. They have a higher volume, so this was expected.

You won’t face issues with sound leakage even at 90% volume.

Calling Experience

You get to make crystal clear calls because of a high-quality line in the microphone present on them. We tested out their call quality and didn’t notice much disturbance. This will be a good option if you need to take calls and be in meetings for work.

What Sets JBL Tune 215BT Apart From Competitors?

They have a unique design that you won’t see with many of their competitors. JBL Tune 215BT has a winged ear design, but JBL made them comfortable by substituting plastic with a rubber-type material. This ensures a better fit than other neck bands with a similar design.

Should You Purchase JBL Tune 215BT?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something to listen to music, then we can’t recommend them. They have a bass-heavy sound output with clarity and details missing.

However, this will be a good option if you’re a working professional and want a neckband for calls and meetings. They come with an in-line mic that ensures clarity with sound.

Pros and Cons

Here are all the pros and cons of JBL Tune 215BT.


  • Comfort – comes with soft ear tips
  • Features – dual connectivity, fast charge
  • Calling – in-line mic good for calls and meetings


  • Sound – bass-heavy sound, detailing missing
  • Battery – battery less compared to other neckbands.
  • Resistance – Comes without an IPX rating, prone to water damage.


Their price is usually between Rs 1199 and 1499. Check our links for the current price.

Our Rating

Category of PerformanceRating Out of 10
Build and Comfort8/10
Battery Backup6/10
Functions and Connectivity7/10
Sound Quality6/10
Overall Rating6.75/10


Is JBL Tune 215BT WaterProof?

It has no IPX5 rating, so it’s not waterproof or resistant. Exposure to water will lead to damage.

JBL 215BT fluctuates in price and can go down to Rs. 1199.

JBL 215BT takes 2 hours for a full recharge. It also has fast charging that gives you 10 minutes of playback in just 10 minutes. 

JBL 215BT has a battery life of up to 16 hours. 

JBL Tune 215BT comes in 6 different colours, the most popular being white, black, and blue. 


We had a lot of expectations from JBL Tune 215BT, but sadly they let us down. We had a lot of hopes for sound, which is what JBL is known for. But as we found during testing, the sound is bass heavy and doesn’t make for a balanced listening experience.

The Bluetooth is also outdated, and their battery backup is not impressive compared to other neckbands available in the market.

The only area we can recommend them in is calls. If you’re someone who needs a Bluetooth headset for calls and meetings, then these could be a good option.