Vivo Air Pro TWS Launch, World’s First Half In-Ear ANC Earbuds

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Vivo Air Pro TWS Launch, World’s First Half In-Ear ANC Earbuds

Vivo is going to announce the launch of their Vivo S17 smartphones on May 31st, 2023. They’ll launch a new pair of ANC earphones along with the phones. These will first be launching in China and then the rest of the world.

These will be unique because they are the world’s first ANC earphones with a half in-ear design. Vivo TWS Air Pro will be the first earphones to have this feature in this design. The most famous pair of in-ear design earphones, the apple airpods, also only come with ANC in the pro version.

The case with most half in-ear earphones is that people prefer them for comfort, but they fail to provide the noise isolation and active noise cancellation features that accompany most in-ear earphones. Vivo strives to solve this problem with their vivo TWS Air Pro.

The earbuds will bring together both comfort and noise-cancellation features.

The active noise cancellation is expected to be adaptive. Users can expect to have different modes they can choose from and have a clear audio experience even in noisy environments.

Similarities With iQOO TWS Air Pro

Similarities With iQOO TWS Air Pro

Not much is currently known about the specifications, but they are expected to share some similar features to the recently launched iQOO TWS Air Pro earbuds. This is because they share a similar name and design specs.

iQOO is also Vivo’s subbrand, so it’s no surprise that their products will share some similar features.

Some of the features they are going to share with iQOO earbuds are three microphones on each of the earbuds. They’ll also support dual microphone AI noise reduction features during calls.

Both iQOO TWS Air Pro and Vivo TWS Air Pro come with 14.2mm audio drivers to deliver high-quality audio. They are both also equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.3, for seamless and fast painting with other devices.

The iQOO TWS Air Pro are currently available in two different variants in China: Star Yellow and Star Diamond White, while Vivo has slightly different colour variants.

The confirmed variants for Vivo TWS Air Pro are Gemstone Blue and Vitality White. The earbuds are also going to be lightweight and weigh around 4 grams each.

Specs and Features

Vivo TWS will also come with AAC and SBC audio codecs to support high-quality audio even over Bluetooth.

The earbuds will also feature a low latency gaming mode with an 88ms ultra-low latency that will allow users to enjoy a lag-free and seamless gaming experience.

Functions like dual connectivity will allow users to connect to more than one device at once, and Find My Earbuds functionality adds much-needed convenience.

Some other features they’ll support are in-ear detection, DeepX 2.0 stereo, and 3D spatial audio. They’ll also have a polymer full-range diaphragm and a custom rear cavity.

Battery Life

The earbuds will be equipped with a 29 mAh battery on each of the earbuds, along with a 420 mAh battery inside the charging case.

The battery on each of them will provide 6 hours of playtime. The backup rises with the case and will deliver a battery life of 30 hours on a single charge.


Vivo will be launching the Vivo TWS Air Pro on the 31st of May, 2023, at 2:30 PM Indian Standard Time. They are first going to be launched in their home market in China. Their Worldwide launch is expected to be announced in the following months.

Vivo TWS Air Pro will be available in two color choices – Gemstone Blue and Vitality White.