What Are True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth Earbuds?

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what are tws earbuds

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“Meeting consumer’s demand on the go,” TWS! It is rightly said that these truly wireless earbuds are meant to meet consumers’ demands on the go. For instance, attending meetings while making your coffee, telling your boss you’re glued to the screen while you’re running errands, listening to your favorite tracks while doing your homework, and many more without the bustle of wires.

It’s quite impressive. These days when everything else is gradually becoming a pain in the neck, these earbuds are just the right things we need to stay focused without clinging to our neck; yet another advantage of these buds.

Besides, if you had the time to observe, has it ever dawned on you that “Bluetooth is magical”?

It definitely is. Picture yourself living in the late 90s or 12-15 years ago. You are unwinding your wires and irritated because your friends are waiting for you to play the game you recently heard of.

Who’d have thought that the next generation would not require us to detangle headphone wires? Just pick them up, shove them in your ears, and enjoy.

Now, why is it called ‘TRUE wireless earbuds? Because other wireless headphones still have wires connecting the left and right headphones, whereas these truly wireless earbuds are simple without any fuss of wires.

How do TWS earbuds work?

Truly wireless technology is a weird yet special technology of wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth.

It is a technology that transmits audio signals wirelessly to a processor on the tiny earbuds, which converts digital information into audio gold with the help of a tiny chip installed on both the source and the receiving device, giving you a seamless music experience.

Some of these True Wireless Earbuds have a master earbud that requires you to pair them (it can be either left or right) first, which will then send the audio signal to the source device, and the source device, in turn, sends the audio signal to the other earbud (again, this might be either left or right).

However, most of the true wireless earbuds do not have a master earbud; the remaining work will be paired based on whichever task is picked up first.

Advantages of TWS Earbuds

These True Wireless Earbuds are full of advantages, so if it ever crosses your mind that you want to switch to True Wireless Earbuds, you’ll be getting the following benefits.

1. Freedom of Movement

Freedom of Movement

As the name suggests, TWS earbuds allow you the freedom of movement, i.e., you can move around just about anywhere and yet not miss the latest happenings around your workplace or anything important.

Bluetooth even allows you time to get to your favorite bakery, get a cake, and say, “Trust me, I haven’t moved an inch and have been very attentive throughout the call.”

In short, the previous Bluetooth versions gave you a limited area to move around, but upcoming versions give you an even farther range to move about and yet stay updated.

2. Utmost Flexibility

What if Bluetooth gave you the freedom to move around, but there were no buttons to receive or decline calls or switch music? You would have to go back to where you kept your phone and even keep it handy all the time, a complete waste of money and time.

But that’s different from what true wireless earbuds do. With the touch functions, you can decline or receive calls or switch music by tapping your earbuds slightly.

Those that do not have a touch function have buttons on the earbuds for easy operation, another reason to love True Wireless Earbuds.

They are even simple, light, and easy to carry and do not require your head or neck to get into your ears. Just a pinch of your fingers, and they are in your ears or out of them.

3. No Science or Wires Involved

True Wireless Earbuds are a set of rechargeable and portable buds meant to simplify how we do our work.

With wired earphones, one would have to dispose of the earphone if a mouse bit any end of the wires. But these earbuds are kept in a protected case which are usually like their shells protecting them.

Not just protecting, they even charge your earbuds when you’ve run out of charge in the middle of something.

Charging them is also very simple. Just plug them in, and they will tell you if they are getting charged and even notify you when they’ve been fully charged via a LED light on the case.

4. Easy to Operate And Pair

Easy to Operate And Pair

Although wired headphones allow you to plug them into your phone’s headphone jack and start your musical journey, these earbuds are also easy to operate and pair.

All you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth of both your devices and pair them accordingly.

Disadvantages of True Wireless Earbuds

Good things don’t last forever; hence, these True Wireless earbuds also have limitations and might stop working after a period of time.

So, let us go through all the limitations so you know if you really want to switch to these perfect earbuds.

1. Expensive


Repeating the phrase “good things are also pricey,” and why not? They are already so handy, easy to carry, easy to charge, easy to move around with, and what not. They have to be expensive.

But some of these are just too expensive for their own liking, making us doubtful if they’re made up of gold or something.

2. Easily Disposable

Wired earphones, if properly taken care of, last longer than you can imagine. But these chargeable and portable earbuds are prone to destruction.

If one really gives it a thought, rechargeable batteries do not really last that long until you know all the ways to keep them secured.

Besides, with time the touch controls are less efficient than they were in the beginning, counting as another drawback for these earbuds.

3. Easy to Lose

Easy to Lose

This does not really count as a drawback if you’re careful enough about your belongings. However, most people tend to lose their earbuds because of their size and lightweight.

Sometimes, you even forget that they’re in your ears, and they tend to drop in the middle of somewhere.


Right from the beginning, True Wireless Earbuds haven’t failed to capture hearts with their astounding sound performance and ease of use, accessibility, and everything else.

Switching to a True wireless Earbud is a good decision, but it has its drawbacks too, just like everything else.

If you’re careful enough and know how to take care of them, they can serve as your almost best companion and might even stay longer by your side, unlike others!