Review & Rating Policy

Our team at TechWizard is dedicated to providing our audience with comprehensive reviews and guides on different tech gadgets after we’ve first put them through extensive testing. 

Here’s a breakdown of how we review products on our website:

Researching and Selecting Product

Choosing what products to test out is one of the most essential parts of the process. We take a lot into account before we select the products. 

Some of the essential factors we include in our selection are the wide availability of the products in the market and their popularity among other products. And how interested our audience would be in knowing about them. 

We also consider factors such as brand reputation, product functionality, and the pre-existing opinion of the product gathered through customer reviews.

All these factors help us determine the best products to choose from and test out.

Hands-on testing 

Every product we choose to review is set aside for extensive testing. If we compare two or more products, we test them out together to bring out their key differences and how they perform against each other.

We conduct hands-on testing to evaluate every product’s performance, comfort, durability, and other features. 

The extended testing period is essential to test a particular brand’s claims about its product and know how they perform. 

To Competitors

Comparing is an essential part of our review system as we understand that no product exists in isolation, and it’s crucial to use pre-existing products in the market as a benchmark to review any product. 

Brands are constantly competing with each other and changing their products accordingly, so we understand how vital it is to consider the whole picture.

This system also allows us to give a more comprehensive analysis of the products we review and their performance when put against competitors in the market.

Analysis and Evaluation

After testing and comparing the product, we go over and analyze the results to give a holistic view of the product. We consider everything we find during testing and formulate an honest and unbiased opinion on the product.

We sometimes have multiple people testing the same product to avoid discrepancies and ensure that the review isn’t biased to a single person’s perspective. 

We also take the broader public opinion into account through customer reviews.

Writing the review 

Our reviews are written after gathering all the test findings and comprehensive analysis into a format that is most helpful to our audience and contains enough information for them to make an informed decision. 

Rating System

We pick apart and test all its features separately for every product we review. We then give them a rating out of ten based on how well it performs. These ratings are then combined to provide an overall rating.

For our comparison reviews, we take the standard features of the products and test them against each other. These are then compared in detail, and a winner is chosen for each category. 

In some cases, products are tied if they have similar features with no distinguishable differences. The final verdict is given based on which product won the most categories.

Pros and Cons 

We list the good and bad of every product so you get the complete picture. 

We do this, especially for the products we’ve given good ratings to, because we know preferences are subjective, and we don’t want you to end up with a product you won’t like. 

You’ll find a pros and cons section in almost all the blogs on this website. 

Editorial Independence 

We only rely on our in-house experts to produce our content and won’t let any external party influence or dictate our reviews or testing processes. 

Things we take into consideration

  1. Unbiased Opinions

We are dedicated to providing the most honest opinion on the tech we review. We understand that our audience trusts us enough to give them an unbiased review, and we want to live up to that.

We will never take compensation from any brands to give a favorable opinion. We do not have any affiliation with any brands and use our testing of products to give out a review on particular products. 

  1. Audience Feedback

Our content is ultimately for our audience, and their feedback is important to us. We consider their opinion and also listen to any requests that they have.

At TechWizard, we put honesty and transparency above all, which helps us build trust with our audience. We are dedicated to providing unbiased and honest reviews for the benefit of our readers and will continue to do so. 

Feel free to contact us down below for any queries or feedback.

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