How to Turn Off “Don’t Cover The Earphone Area” On Xiaomi?

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do not cover the earphone area

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I know how annoying it gets when all you’re doing is holding your phone, but your phone thinks otherwise and keeps saying, ‘Don’t cover the headphone area’ repeatedly. Like pal, I know you’re my best buddy, but you can’t tell me how to hold my phone.

We all have been there, trying to fix the issue but haven’t really tried harder until it got on your nerves. Now that it has got your attention, let me guide you on how to get this out of your nerves and fix it.

Why Does The Message “Don’t Cover The Earphone Area” Pop Up?

Though this seems like a problem to you but honestly, it isn’t. It is more of a solution for you.

The message “Don’t cover the earphone area” pops up because you have possibly enabled ‘Pocket Mode.’

So, it’s not a glitch as you thought it was. It’s protecting you from calling someone accidentally and embarrassing yourself.

What is Pocket Mode?

What is Pocket Mode

Pocket mode basically prevents accidental touches while your phone is in your pocket. It works with the help of proximity sensors on your phone.

As the name suggests, it is a pocket dial prevention mode that, when your phone is in your pocket, this feature will prevent your mobile from dialing anything.

What Does a Proximity Sensor Do?

What Does a Proximity Sensor Do
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You might wonder how the Proximity sensor helps pocket mode send that message?

A proximity sensor is a sensor that can detect the presence or approach of nearby objects. You don’t need to touch the mobile physically for this to work.

It’s a sensor that works accordingly when you place your phone near your ears while on call, as you must have noticed.

An appropriate example of this would be a face lock password. When you put up a face lock on your phone, proximity sensors help unlock your phone by sensing your face from across the screen even though you are not very close to your phone’s screen.

How To Turn It Off?

How To Turn It Off

Pocket Mode is a pretty beneficial feature if you ask me, but sometimes it gets troublesome when it sends unnecessary messages saying, ‘Do not cover the headphone area.’

If you want to get rid of it, of course, you want to. That’s why you’re here. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to the settings page on your phone.
  • Scroll down to ‘Lock Screen’ and tap on it.
  • In there, you’ll find ‘pocket Mode’ enabled, i.e., the toggle would be showing blue.
  • Tap on the toggle button to turn it off, and it will be disabled.

Or you can simply go to the settings page, search for ‘Pocket Mode’ in the search bar and turn it off, as I said above.

What If Disabling Pocket Mode Doesn’t Work?

While rare, there is still a chance that disabling Pocket Mode might not work for you. There could be a number of reasons. Below are the possible reasons and solutions if you may need them.

1. Firmware Malfunction

There might be chances that your device needs to restart once. It’s not much to be worried about. It’s simply that your device might need a reboot session to settle some scores. So, go ahead and restart the device.

2. Dirty Area Around the Proximity Sensor

Clean the area around the proximity sensor thoroughly. There might be no visible dirt or filth, but it still needs cleaning occasionally. Use an ear swab or clean cloth to clean the area.

You do not need to look for the proximity sensor. Irrespective of the phone model, it is usually located alongside the top speaker.

3. The Proximity Sensor is Broken

You can not often see if the proximity sensor is broken, so you’ll need to get to the service center to get it fixed.

4. Check If The Area is Blocked By a Screen Guard

The screen guard is usually close to that area, so it may be blocked by the same, resulting in the non-functioning of the proximity sensor. Check once, and if it is blocking the sensor, remove the guard.


At times when you hold your phone thinking it’s locked, but it’s actually not, haven’t you accidentally called someone or made an emergency call? I definitely did, and not only did I dial up someone accidentally, but a few system settings were also changed out of nowhere, creating an unwanted fuss for me. So that feature is definitely needed.

On the contrary, you may turn it off if it annoys you. On or off, it won’t really make a difference to you apart from the message that you were getting on your display.