How to Claim Warranty on Flipkart for Earphones?

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How to Claim Warranty on Flipkart for Earphones

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Popularly known as India’s Amazon, Flipkart is one of the top shopping websites that offer a wide variety of products and services.

Speaking of services, most of us think Flipkart offers a warranty on various products, which isn’t true. It is actually extended by the brand or the sellers. Mostly it’s the brands.

In this article, we will guide you on how to claim a warranty on Flipkart for your earphones.

Why Do We Need to Claim a Warranty?

Money does not grow on trees; hence we always need a backup. Guarantee and warranty claims are a backup for your earphones.

When your earphones suddenly stop working without any visible damage, a warranty helps you get them repaired or even replaced sometimes, mostly without spending your money. Still, it can cost you at times, depending on the brand.

How Do We Claim Warranty on Flipkart?

How Do We Claim Warranty on Flipkart

Claiming the warranty is your birthright, but only if you’ve purchased the earphone or the device that you want to claim the warranty for. Also, you must keep in mind that several things need to be kept in mind while you’re on your way to claim your warranty.

Things to Keep in Mind While Claiming Warranty

It might seem easy. Just go to the website, show the product you’ve purchased, and you get whatever you want. After all, you’ve spent your hard-earned money on it, man. But the irony is, things don’t work like that, at least not in the real world.

I’ve been there, so I’ll save you from all the unfortunate circumstances I had to go through.

Below I’ve listed some things to remember so it gets easier for you.

1. Keep Your Invoice Handy

Handy as in, it should be downloaded on your phone for easy access since this is the most important thing when you’re out there frustrated about your device not working and the customer support executive tells you, “I’M SORRY, I WON’T BE ABLE TO HELP YOU IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE INVOICE.” To avoid listening to this line, make sure that you check your email for the invoice as soon as you’ve made the purchase.

Flipkart can not send you the invoice in any other mail other than the one registered with your Flipkart account or the one you gave during checkout (this may vary depending on the product and the seller).

2. Be Aware of The Warranty Period

Some of us are so happy with the newly acquired gadget that we forget that it’s not likely to last forever and that it’s got to have a warranty so you can use it for a longer period.

To know the product warranty, you can visit the product page of the Flipkart app.

A little below the product image, you’ll find the warranty details where it says “1 year or 6 months warranty from the date of purchase.”

3. Check For Visible Damage, if Any

If your earphones have visible damage, let me tell you beforehand that they will not be covered under warranty.

Warranty only covers your device’s manufacturing defects, hardware, or functional issues.

Accidental damages aren’t covered by warranty.

How to Claim Warranty?

Here comes the most awaited part, how to claim a warranty? It’s simple and super easy as long as you know what you’re doing and the steps to do it properly.

Follow the steps to claim the warranty for your earphones:

Step 1: Visit the product page of your Flipkart app to know the warranty period of your earphones. You can know this by scrolling a bit below the product image where it says ‘1 year or 6 months warranty from the date of purchase’. 

Visit the product page of your Flipkart app

Step 2: Next to the phrase I mentioned above, you will see ‘Know More.’ It’s basically a link that lets you know the details further. When you click on it, it’ll open a dialogue box for you with the service center details, contact number, and the website for your assistance.

Sometimes it also includes service center locator links wherein you can find the service centers nearest to you.

Know More

Step 3: All you need to do now is give them a call on the number that is given on the website, or you can reach out to them via email.

As is evident, the warranty covers only manufacturing defects. It does not include accidental or physical damage.

Sometimes the warranty details are unavailable when you click ‘Know More.’ In that case, you can simply scroll to ‘Specifications’ and keep scrolling until you find ‘Warranty.’ It gives you more in-depth detail about the warranty.

It looks something like this:

the warranty details

Sometimes, you might see that the warranty section on the product page says ‘1-year manufacturer’s warranty’ or ‘1-year domestic warranty’. What do these mean? Let me tell you.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: When it says manufacturer warranty, it basically means that it is a guarantee by a manufacturer to customers, promising the customers that the manufacturer will repair or replace the product free of cost if it fails due to a manufacturing defect within a certain period of time.

Domestic Warranty: Domestic warranty isn’t any different. It covers the same manufacturing defects, except that one can not claim the warranty outside the country it has been purchased from. If you want to claim the warranty for the product you’ve purchased, you can only do so within India.

OneAssist Extended Warranty Plan

OneAssist extended warranty plan is a warranty plan for your earphones or headphones extended by Flipkart. It offers extra one or two years of warranty for your product in case of functional or manufacturing issues.

It provides extra warranty support for 1 or 2 years beyond the expiry of the manufacturer warranty for your product. OneAssist claims to get the product repaired by itself, i.e., it picks up the product from your doorstep without any extra cost to you other than the one you’ve paid for the plan.

At times OneAssist gets your product repaired through a third-party service provider at no cost to you. Under the circumstances OneAssist is unable to repair the product due to logistics or any other issues, it may ask the customer to get the product repaired at the Authorized service center or the brand, and it shall reimburse money to the customer, including the costs incurred by the customer such as labor cost, transportation costs(if any) or the parts cost within 7 days of completion of the repairs and submission of all supporting documents by the customer to OneAssist, provided that the plan is purchased along with the parent product.

For further terms and conditions about the OneAssist warranty plan, you may visit the page.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Product

Things to Consider Before Buying The Product

There’ll be times when you’ll see ‘NA’ in the warranty section of the product page, which means that there is no warranty extended by the seller or the manufacturer. This does not happen with the branded ones. It’s the non-brand ones that are usually not covered by warranty.

Ensure that the product you are about to buy isn’t fake. Do a thorough check of the reviews and website before spending money.

The assumption that Flipkart extends the warranty is incorrect. Flipkart, other than OneAssist, is not responsible for any warranty-related issues. It is solely extended by the seller or the manufacturer. However, if the brand refuses to help or issues occur while claiming the warranty with the designated service center, you can contact Flipkart.

They will follow a procedure requiring you to share the authorized service center’s details so they can work accordingly.

It might happen that you do not get the service center details anywhere on the product page. In this case, you can check the user manual. If you do not have the user manual, you can contact Flipkart customer Support. You can initiate a chat where you’ll be given the option to ask for a callback, or you can call the toll-free number 044 4561 4700/ 1800-208-9898.

Warranty Details of Various Brands

Below I’ve listed the details of the brands in order to assist you in the process:

Boult Audio

  • Contact: 9555 – 602- 502
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:





  • Contact: 1800-103-7799
  • Support Website:
  • Website:


  • Contact: 1800-102-2673
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:





  • Contact: 1800 22 3632
  • Email:
  • Website:



Let not a minor manufacturing defect in your earphones be a day spoiler for you. Be aware of what your product comes with and get your money’s worth.

At the end of this, I can proudly conclude that if you were looking for ways to claim a warranty on your earphones, you were at the right place, and you have got your earphones repaired or replaced successfully.