IQOO TWS 1 With AptX Lossless And ANC Upto 49 dB Launched

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IQOO TWS 1 With AptX Lossless And ANC Upto 49 dB Launched

There has been a lot of hype around IQOO as of late, and people are anxiously awaiting the release of iQOO’s 11 series. The wait is now over, and iQOO has finally launched its iQOO 11S smartphones in China. This launch is also accompanied by the launch of their TWS, called iQOO TWS 1.

IQOO TWS 1 is iQOO’s first-ever lossless sound-quality wireless earbuds.

What is Lossless Sound Quality?

Wireless devices bring a lot of freedom, but Bluetooth has also accompanied a reduction in sound quality. This is because Bluetooth usually restricts the amount of data that can be transferred, and audio has to be compressed to go through.

Some codecs help combat this, but you always lose some data during the transfer. That is where AptX Lossless comes in. It can send audio over a bitrate of 1,411 kbps when the usual speed is much lower. This is almost 4 times faster than traditional headsets. The quality is comparable to CDs which didn’t have to compress any of the audio, so you got the best quality out there.

However, in order to get the true experience of aptX Lossless, the source also has to support aptX Lossless. Several streaming services offer this now, such as Apple Music and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound Platform, available on selected devices.

iQOO TWS 1 features support for aptX Lossless transmission technology and apt X adaptive audio transmission technology. All of this helps iQOO TWS 1 to deliver a great sound experience you won’t be able to find elsewhere. The earbuds sport an ultra-wide sound unit with a 12.2 mm driver size.


IQOO TWS 1 Design

iQOO TWS earbuds feature a sleek black design with a 3 colourway. It will be available in a black variant and a BMW edition. It has an in-ear design with silicone earbuds which gives it extra sound isolation. You’ll get extra ear tips to adjust according to preference, and these earbuds are lightweight at 4.98g per earbud.

This innovative design gives it an extra edge and helps produce a powerful sound output with all of the detailing intact.

iQOO TWS 1 is also known for its noise reduction. It features Active Noise Cancellation that can drown up to 48dB of noise around you. This technology is easily able to eliminate sound around you to let you fully immerse yourself in your favorite music.


iQOO TWS 1 comes equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.3. These earbuds support dual device connectivity which makes it easy to switch between two devices seamlessly.

The Bluetooth codec also has a 50% improvement in sound quality compared to SBC, which is the common codec for most Bluetooth devices.

Battery Life

iQOO TWS 1 is equipped with the latest Qualcomm energy-efficient platform. The earbuds also have a large battery capacity which is designed to be power efficient. Each earbud can last up to 10.5 hours of battery life on a single charge which will even power through heavy users and last for a whole day.

Moderate users will be able to enjoy an even more extended battery life. The charging case can hold a charge of up to 42hrs, which is good enough to last you an entire week.

Pricing And Availability

iQOO TWS 1 is currently available for pre-order in China. Their worldwide release is anticipated to be soon.

iQOO TWS 1 will be available in 2 variants, the black version, and the special BMW Track edition. Both of them are priced at 399 yuan, which equals around 4,500 INR.

A special offer extends to people who purchase the iQOO 11S. They’ll get access to a special discount and will be able to get their hands on iQOO TWS 1 for only 299 yuan.