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Noise Air Buds Pro 2

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Noise Air Buds 2 are an addition to the Noise Air Buds series. They come with HD AAC codec, which decompresses the audio transferred over Bluetooth to give you a high-quality sound.

Noise also promises ANC up to 40 dB. They are one of the most affordable TWS to offer this feature. Air Buds Pro 2 also come with ENx technology for better calling. This includes six mics in total, with three on each earbud. Testing both the ANC and calling was a priority for us.

These earbuds also have a unique design that gives them a snug fit. Could they be your new gym earbuds? We’ve tested all these features and more, so keep reading.

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ModelAir Buds Pro 2
PriceRs 2699
FeaturesTriple Mic ENC, 40dB hybrid ANC, IPX5
Wireless typeBluetooth 5.2
Ear placementIn-ear
Battery Backup25 hours 
Maximum Operating Distance10 meters
Item Weight40 g 
Manufacturer‎Transcend Sourcing Ltd
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Noise ControlPassive Noise Isolation


Sound Quality
Touch controls



Noise Air Buds Pro 2

Who are These Earbuds for?

These earbuds feature good ANC, so they’ll come in handy for people who commute daily or want peace while working.

Because of their fit, they are also an excellent option for gym goers. They ensure a snug fit and won’t fall off even during heavy workouts. They also come with an IPX5 rating, meaning they can handle sweat and light water splashes.

Important Factors We Tested These Earbuds on

Here are all the different factors we tested the Noise Air Pro 2 earbuds on.

1. Design


Noise Air Buds Pro 2 have a clean-looking design and feel premium. The charging case has a matte finish and is small in size; it can easily be carried anywhere. You get a type c charging port at the bottom. The earbuds are also smaller in size but feel slightly heavy.

When you open the case, you’ll find the earbuds with a reset button in the middle.

The buds have a clean look and feel to them. They come in a matte finish with noise branding on the stem. Left and right markings are clearly mentioned.

These earbuds come in 2 colour variants, black and white.

2. Durability


These earbuds come with an IPX5 rating which makes them water-resistant. You can easily take them to your workouts, and they can withstand light splashes.

The case is made up of plastic but still feels durable. The quality is good; however, the lid feels flimsy. Other than that, the magnets used in the case are of good quality, and your buds will stay secure and won’t fall off.

3. Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Noise promises 5-6 hours of playtime on a single charge and 25 hours on the case. The battery also varies with ANC; it will drain faster if you have ANC on.

I used them during testing, and this is what I found. If you use them moderately, they will definitely last you that long. I used them for 2 days on a single charge. So the battery is suitable for casual wearers. You might face problems if you are a heavy user.

They also come with fast charging support, where you get 2 hours of playtime with 10 minutes of charging, which is a plus.

4. Functions and Connectivity

Functions and Connectivity

These earbuds come with Bluetooth v5.2 connectivity. Once you’ve established a connection, these earbuds will connect to your phone as soon as you take them out of the case.

They’ll get disconnected when you put them back in the case. Something that is missing from them is in-ear detection.

Here are all their touch control features.

Playback and Volume

  1. Double tap right earbud to play music or pause.
  2. Single tap left earbud to decrease volume.
  3. Single tap right earbud to increase volume.
  4. Long press left earbud to go back to the previous track.
  5. Long press right earbud to forward the track.

Switching Modes

  1. Double tap left earbud to go into gaming mode, repeat to exit.
  2. Triple tap left earbud to activate voice assistant feature.
  3. Triple tap on right bud to switch modes- ANC, ENC, and normal mode.


  1. During incoming calls, double-tap any earbud to accept.
  2. During calls, double-tap any earbud to hang up.
  3. To directly reject during incoming calls, long press any earbud.

5. Sound Quality

Noise air buds pro comes with 10mm sound drivers, and you’ll find a lot of different modes in them. The company claims the ANC cancels up to 40 decibels, and I was surprised to see how well it works.

It doesn’t work as well as high-end earbuds but still cancels a decent amount of sound. If you’re in an office environment, it will cancel out about 75% of your surrounding sound. Overall, you’ll get a good listening experience.

Transparency mode also works great and picks up background noise, keeping you aware of your surroundings.

Finally, the sound signature in the normal mode is excellent, and the highs and lows work perfectly. The instrument separation and detailing are also decent. Overall, you’ll get a balanced listening experience.

We also tested these for videos and movies; the sound output was good. Loudness and clarity are excellent. There’s no distortion in sound, even at 100% volume.

Gaming Experience

They come with a dedicated gaming mode that offers 30 ms low latency. This is really great and will give you a good experience. You won’t face any lags while gaming.

Calling Experience

You get a triple mic setup with these earbuds. There’s a slight issue when it comes to clarity in vocals. These earbuds also capture background noise in outdoor condition.

6. Comfort

These earbuds are incredibly lightweight. Their fitting is also great, and they won’t fall off your ears. They have silicone ear tips, so their fitting is universal. It didn’t feel like I had anything when I wore them during testing. Overall, no complaints when it comes to comfort.

What Sets Noise Air Buds Pro 2 Apart from Competitors?

Noise Air Buds Pro 2 offers a better ANC range than most competitors. It cancels sound up to 40 dB, while other earbuds in their price range only offer cancellation up to 32 dB. The ANC worked well during testing, so we can’t complain.

These earbuds also have a fantastic sound signature. Their ANC and sound quality combined make them an excellent option for listening to music. They also have a great fit compared to other earbuds, making them suitable for gym use.

Previous Models – Noise Air Buds Pro 2 Vs Noise Air Buds

Noise has kept mostly similar features on the Noise Air Buds 2. They have made some changes. The Noise Air Buds Pro featured a pebble design case, while Air Buds Pro 2 has a boxy design with the earbuds laid out straight.

ANC on Noise Air Buds Pro 2 is an upgrade from the previous version. The hyper sync or Wake n pair technology that was present in Air Buds Pro is missing. This connects your earbuds to your phone when you open their charging case.

Should You Purchase Noise Air Buds Pro 2?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you have ANC or sound signature as your priority, then these will be a good option for you.

However, these are not for you if you’re looking for earbuds for calls or meetings. The calling experience isn’t great despite the triple mic setup.

If you’re looking for good earphones for calls and meetings, check out boAt Nirvana Ion.

Pros and Cons

Here are all the pros and cons of Noise Air Buds Pro 2.


  • Sound Quality – The sound signature is great.
  • Comfort – Ensures a snug fit and won’t fall off.
  • Touch controls – features many touch control options.


  • Calling – Calling not clear despite triple mic setup.
  • Durability – the lid is flimsy, and a pebble case would’ve been better.


They usually retail at Rs 2699, but the price keeps fluctuating.

Our Rating

Category of PerformanceRating Out of 10
Battery Backup7/10
Functions and Connectivity8/10
Sound Quality9/10
Overall Rating 49/60


What is the price of Noise Air Buds 2 Pro?

Noise Air Buds 2 pro retail at a price of Rs 2699.

Yes, Noise is an Indian company that produces various audio products.

Yes, Noise Airbuds come with good features such as ANC and great sound quality.

Gaurav Khatri is the co-founder and current CEO of Noise. 

No, Noise Air Buds 2 pro are not waterproof. They have an IPX5 rating which means they can sustain light water splashes. 


Noise Air Buds Pro 2 were a promising pair of earbuds. We can say, they certainly lived up to their hype. They have a good sound experience, and you can enjoy both music and movies with them. You’ll get great clarity throughout.

Their ANC mode lets you tune out the world, so you can take them on your daily commute or use them while working. They also have a comfortable fit, so you can have them on all day.

The only area where they lack is calling. They don’t provide a good experience despite the triple mic setup. If calling isn’t a priority for you, then these will be an excellent option to go for.

We hope this review gave you all the info you need on these earbuds.