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Ptron Bassbuds Jade

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Since BGMI’s return, many people have returned to gaming, and everyone’s been looking for an affordable pair of budget gaming earbuds.

The expectations from any gaming headphones are that they’ll give you great sound quality, make you feel like you’re inside the game, have low latency for a lag-free experience, and an excellent design is always a cool bonus.

I have an earbud that caters to all these needs and more, the Ptron Bassbuds Jade. They have a fantastic LED light design, and some of their features include a 40ms Ultra Low Latency mode gaming, 40 hours of playtime, and 13 mm Dynamic Drivers for great sound.

However, are all these features true to the claim? And are these earbuds worth getting? You’ll get answers to all your questions, so keep reading to find out.

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ModelBassbuds Jade
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
PriceRs 999
Features40Hrs Total Playtime, Low Latency, Deep Bass, 13MM Large Drivers
Ear PlacementIn-ear
Battery Backup40 hours
Maximum Operating Distance10 meters
Item Weight‎39 g
Manufacturer‎Parude Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
Noise ControlPassive Noise Isolation




Quality control

Ptron Bassbuds Jade

About The Brand

The founders of Ptron initially imagined it as an electronics and mobile accessories company. When the brand launched in 2014, they decided to focus solely on mobile accessories.

The brand offers many products, such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Headsets, Smart Watches, and many more. Ptron has successfully delivered over 5 million products to users all over India.

What do You Get in The box?

  1. Charging Case with Earbuds inside
  2. C-type Charging Cable
  3. Extra Ear Tips
  4. Warranty Card

Who is This Ptron Bassbuds Jade For?

Ptron Bassbuds are a match for gamers looking for quality gaming earbuds at an affordable price. These earbuds provide a cool gamer look with LED lights, along with punchy sound perfect for gaming and low latency.

Other users can also use them, but they are better suited for gaming usage.

Important Factors We Tested These Ptron Bassbuds Jade on

Here are all the crucial features we tested Ptron Bassbuds on:

1. Design

Ptron Bassbuds Jade Design

Ptron Bassbuds have a visually pleasing design. On the charging case, you’ll find a cool design that looks like eyes with green lights. It reminds us of Eksa E7000 Fenrir if you’re looking for a similar design in a bigger form factor. The LED lights give them that extra touch and make them eye-catching.

You’ll find the earbuds once you open the case, and they also feature similar lights. The design makes them versatile. You can use them both in the day and dimly lit environments, making them much harder to lose.

Apart from the lights, the case comes in a matte finish, and you’ll find the charging port at the back. So overall, these earbuds have a fantastic look that gamers will like.

2. Battery Life

Ptron Bassbuds Jade Battery Life

Ptron Bassbuds Jade comes with a 400 mAh battery that provides a battery life of up to 40 hours in a single. These earbuds also charge relatively fast and take only about 1.5 hours to fully charge.

The battery tends to last a little less than the company claims, so it is essential to put it to the test. After actually testing them out and using them for a few days, I got around 30 hours of charge with extensive gaming.

The charge also depends on your usage, so if you use them for casual tasks, they’ll last longer. The charging time is accurate, and these earbuds charge via a USB-type C port.

Overall, these earbuds have a good battery life, and you won’t have to worry about running out of charge during your gaming sessions.

3. Sound Quality

Ptron Bassbuds Jade Sound Quality

After testing them out, I can assure you that the sound quality of Ptron Bassbuds Jade is impressive. These earbuds balance all sound elements perfectly. You’ll get good highs, mids, and lows. You’ll also get punchy bass.

I played BGMI on them to test out the sound quality and elements, like gunshots and grenades going off in the background. It was all clear to me. The earbuds also made them sound punchy, so it made my gaming experience enjoyable.

I can’t give you a definite number of the latency while gaming as Ptron does not mention it, but I tested out gaming on them, and I did not notice much lag. So the overall gaming experience was smooth.

However, I noticed that one of the earbuds would keep disconnecting, or the audio would not work while I was using it. I might have received a defective product, but I saw some other reviews of users complaining about this and have faced this issue on both earbuds. This might not be the case with all earbuds, but Ptron should keep an eye out for quality control.

4. Functions And Connectivity

Ptron Bassbuds Jade Functions And Connectivity

As for functions and connectivity, Ptron Bassbuds Jade earbuds come with Bluetooth Version 5.0, which is slightly outdated, but I faced no issues with connectivity. The brand claims that these earbuds go into pairing mode once you open the case, and I found this to be true to the claim.

They also come with an IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating, so you can easily sport them at the gym. These earbuds have a good fit and stay secure in your ears even with moderate physical activity. You’ll also get basic touch control with them, like volume and playback.

5. Value For Money

Ptron Bassbuds Jade Value For Money

I have been tracking their price on Amazon for some time, and they are selling for around Rs 900, which is great for the price. Their price tends to fluctuate slightly, but you’ll most likely find them under Rs 1000.

This is great value for money, especially if you’re a gamer. There are a lot of budget earbuds in the market, but they are mostly suited for casual usage.

Ptron Bassbuds Jade is one of the rare earbuds that cater to gamers. They are the complete package for gamers with good design, great sound quality, and low latency.

What Sets Ptron Bassbuds Jade Apart From Its Competitors?

What Eets Ptron Bassbuds Jade Apart From Its Competitors

Ptron Bassbuds Jade offers a lot of awesome features, all at a competitive price. Typically it’s hard to find good earbuds under the Rs 1000 price range. The earbuds under this price range are limited in their functionality and can only be used for casual usages like video watching and multimedia usage.

Ptron Bassbuds is defying all these rules and providing great value. You get a great balanced sound output along with an awesome design with the addition of LED lights and low latency for a lag-free gaming experience.

Should You Purchase Ptron Bassbuds Jade?

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of earbuds for gaming, then of course! You will not find a better value for money elsewhere. They are also a great gifting option for gaming enthusiasts in your life.

Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Ptron Bassbuds Jade:


  • Sound: Great sound output with punchy bass
  • Design: Gamer look with LED Lights
  • Battery: Good battery life


  • Quality Control: Defective product sent
  • Features: Outdated Bluetooth 5.0


The price of Ptron Bassbuds Jade is usually around Rs 999. Keep in mind that the price tends to fluctuate. Click on any of our links to get the latest price.

Our Rating

Category of PerformanceRating Out of 10
Sound Quality8/10
Functions and Connectivity6/10
Value for Money9/10
Overall Rating7.8/10


Is pTron Bassbuds Jade waterproof?

pTron Bassbuds Jade are not waterproof. However, they come with an IPX4 rating which means they can sustain light water splashes, making them safe from water and sweat. However, excessive water can damage them.

pTron Baasbuds Jade comes with a 400 mAh battery and has a battery life of 40 hours. They also feature instant charge technology that gives you 150 minutes of playtime in just 10 minutes.

Ptron Jade goes into discovery mode once you open the lid. Turn on Bluetooth on the device you want to connect them to and click on Ptron Bassbuds Jade once you see their name pop up on your screen.

If you’re looking for affordable gaming earbuds under Rs 1000, then Ptron Bassbuds Jade is a great option. They have good sound quality, a great design, and low latency for a lag-free gaming experience.

Ptron is an Indian Electronics brand that has its headquarters in Hyderabad. They are a mobile accessory brand that has a lot of different products.


Now that we’re at the end of the review, hopefully, you’ve got a reasonably good idea of how well Ptron Bassbuds Jade performs. We tried our best to cover all the features in a comprehensive way.

After testing them out, I can say that Ptron Bassbuds Jade is a great value for money. If you have a tight budget and are looking for good gaming earbuds, then these are it.

The sound quality is also good enough to power you through everyday tasks such as music listening, multimedia usage, and movie watching.

However, if you intend to purchase them, do a thorough test and make sure to replace your earbuds if you get a defective product, like in our case. Other than that, these are all good to go!