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Oppo Enco Air 3

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Oppo Enco Air 3 are the latest addition to Oppo’s popular Enco Air series. They are a standout because of their unique design and promise a lot of exciting features. These earbuds come in a transparent jelly case and are incredibly lightweight.

Enco Air 3 buds have powerful 13.4 mm audio drivers, Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, and an IP54 rating. You can access three sound modes and a 360-degree surround sound experience with the app. They have an added low latency mode for gaming.

They also promise a battery life of 25 hours with a single charge.

We wanted to put these to the test and see how well they performed. We’ve divided our review into different categories. You’ll get a complete idea of how well they perform once you’re done reading. Let’s get started.

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ModelEnco Air 3
PriceRs 2999
Special FeaturesOppo Alive Audio, Gaming Mode, DNN for calling
Wireless typeBluetooth
Ear placementIn-ear
Battery Backup25 hours
Maximum Operating Distance10 metres
Item Weight37 g 
Manufacturer‎‎Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp, Ltd.
Compatible DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Noise ControlPassive Noise Isolation


Gaming mode



Oppo Enco Air 3

About the Brand

Oppo is a Chinese electronics brand and manufacturer that was launched in 2004. Their product line includes smartphones, audio devices, and other electronic products.

Oppo is long known for its innovation and expertise in Research and Development. They had over 1801 patent applications published in 2020 alone.

They are now dominating the Indian Audio Market with many launches under the Enco series.

Who are These TWS for?

Since they have the option to customise the sound, they will be a good option for people who like to fine-tune the sound to their liking. These are also incredibly compact, so you can easily carry them around.

A lot of people prefer the half-in-ear design, while only a few options are available in the market. These earbuds will be a good option for them.

Important Factors we Tested These Earbuds on

We tested these earbuds on different factors, and here’s the verdict.

1. Design


Oppo Enco Air 3 comes with a transparent jelly case. The design has evolved since Oppo Enco Air 2, giving an entirely different look.

You’ll find a battery indicator light on the front of the case. On the bottom, there’s a type C port for charging.

The earbuds have a half-in-ear design with an entirely plastic build. You get a glossy finish; even the earbuds have integrated a transparent panel at the bottom. This blends them in with the design of the case. You’ll also get clear markings that indicate left and right.

The case is small and will easily fit in the palm of your hand. Each bud is exceptionally lightweight at 3.7 g, and the case comes at 37 g.

Overall, the design feels premium and compact. You can easily take these earbuds on the go.

2. Durability


The build of the case feels premium despite being transparent. The lid is sturdy, and the lock won’t open on its own. Oppo has also used strong magnets in the case so your earbuds stay secure and won’t fall off.

These earbuds come with an IP54 rating. They have a level 5 dust resistance and level 4 water resistance. This means they will easily withstand slight dust ingress and light water splashes. You can easily take these with you to the gym or outdoors.

3. Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Oppo claims 6 hours with the earbuds and 25 hours with the case. All of this sounded promising.

When I used them during testing, they only lasted me 4 hours and 20 hours with the case. Needless to say, the battery backup is disappointing.

You won’t be able to use them for long hours and will have to keep charging in between.

4. Functions and Connectivity

Functions and Connectivity

Oppo Enco Air 3 comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 for enhanced connectivity. You also get Insta Wake N Pair Technology. If you’ve already connected them to your phone, the next time, they’ll connect as soon as you open the case.

You’ll find an integrated app on your phone for sound equalising if you use an Oppo device. You can download the heymelody app for other phones and access all the functions from there.

You’ll find Enco Master EQ within the app, which lets you choose from 3 sound modes – original, bass boost, and clear vocals.

You also get dual connectivity, which means you can connect to 2 devices at the same time. They also let you switch between devices depending on where the audio is playing.

When it comes to touch features, you can customise them through the heymelody app.

5. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Oppo Enco Air 3 buds come with powerful 13.4mm audio drivers that allow them to create louder and clearer sounds.

They come with three sound modes – Oppo’s original sound, boosted bass, and clear vocals mode.

You also get an Alive audio option. Oppo has used spatial audio rendering to give you a 360-degree surround sound experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Alive audio mode only works with specific things. If you use it on its own, the sound gets distorted, and the vocals get unclear.

If you want a clear experience with alive mode, pair it with clear audio from the sound equalizer. This way, you get the surround sound experience along with clear vocals.

You’ll get punchy bass in the boosted bass mode, and the sound experience is great overall.

We like the fact that they’ve provided the option to choose between different sound modes so you can customise your listening experience.

Gaming Experience

They come with a separate gaming mode which gives you 47 ms latency which is decent for gaming. You won’t face issues, and you’ll get a lag-free experience. I tested them out to play games, and this mode worked great.

Calling Experience

You get a DNN Noise cancellation feature for calling. This might sound like ANC, but it’s not.

DNN during calls involves suppressing the noise from your background and also the noise coming from the background of the person you’re talking to.

Despite this feature, the calling experience felt average. We used these earbuds for calling and could still hear background noises from both ends.

6. Comfort


Oppo Enco Air 3 earbuds come with an open-ear design, similar to air pods. They have a plastic build. You won’t get a custom fit like with silicone earbuds.

If you are not used to this design of earbuds, then you might feel some discomfort initially but will eventually get used to them. They are also lightweight, so they don’t feel like you’re wearing them.

However, they also miss out on the sound isolation that usually comes with silicone earbuds.

What Sets Oppo Enco Air 3 Apart From Competitors?

Oppo Enco Air 3 has a unique design that differentiates them from competitors. They also come with different sound modes to adjust the sound according to your liking.

The gaming mode ensures you get a low latency experience while playing your favourite games.

Previous Models – Oppo Enco Air 2 Vs Oppo Enco Air 3

Oppo launched their Enco Air 2 TWS in 2022 and launched Oppo Enco Air 3 this year. So how have they evolved since their previous model?

Looking at both models, you’ll notice a difference in design. Oppo has upgraded the design significantly with the Enco Air 3, giving them a completely different look. They are sleek and compact but also have a premium look and feel. Oppo has also upgraded the sound drivers from 12.4 mm to 13.4 mm drivers.

When it comes to the design of the earbuds, it boils down to individual preference. Oppo Enco Air 3 have an entirely plastic body and half-in-ear design, while Enco Air 2 come with silicone ear tips. The benefit of silicon tips is that they provide some sound isolation and a more comfortable fit.

Their sound is similar, and both come with sound equalisers through app support. Enco Air 3 has extra features such as dual pairing and a dedicated gaming mode.

They don’t have any major differences, so you can choose according to the earbud-style you prefer.

Should You Purchase Oppo Enco Air 3?

Should You Purchase Oppo Enco Air 3

If you prefer the half-in ear design these earbuds come with, you can definitely consider these. They are a good pair of earbuds, but they don’t have any stand-out features other than the sound equaliser.

These earbuds were a disappointment when it came to battery life. If you’re looking for earbuds with great battery, then check out our review of boAt Nirvana Ion.

Their half-in-ear design means they don’t come with passive noise isolation. Instead, they could’ve added ANC, available in earbuds of lower price segments. Check out boAt Airdopes 393 if you’re looking for earbuds with good ANC.

Pros and Cons

Here are all the pros and cons of Oppo Enco 3.


  • Sound – Sound Equaliser lets you choose from 3 modes.
  • Gaming mode – Low latency mode for lag-free gaming.
  • Durability – They come with a premium build quality.


  • Calling – Background noise despite DNN.
  • Comfort – Half in-ear design doesn’t give a universal fit.
  • Battery – The battery doesn’t last as claimed.


Rs 2999, but the price keeps fluctuating. Click on our links for the current price.

Our Rating

Category of PerformanceRating Out of 10
Battery Backup6/10
Functions and Connectivity9/10
Sound Quality8/10
Overall rating46/60


Does OPPO Enco Air have noise cancellation?

Oppo Enco Air 2 have passive noise cancellation because of their silicone ear tip design.

Oppo is a Chinese electronics brand, and all their products are also manufactured in China.

Oppo Enco Air 2 are a good value for the price. They come with 12.4 mm drivers, Sound Equaliser, and passive noise isolation.

No, Oppo Enco Air 3 is not waterproof. It has a level 4 water resistance. This means it can sustain light water splashes.

Oppo Enco Air 3 buds retail at Rs. 2,999 in India.


Oppo Enco Air 3 have us split in the middle. They have great features, such as their sound equaliser, gaming mode, and build quality. However, they need work when it comes to battery, comfort, and calling.

Our recommendation would depend entirely on what you’re looking for. These buds will be a good option if you want them for gaming or listening to music. We cannot recommend these for meetings or calls.

They are also great for people who prefer the half-in-ear design. There aren’t many options in the market, and these are a good choice.

Ultimately, the final decision rests on you. We hope this review gave you everything you need to make an informed decision.